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5 Significant Corporations That Opted For Aspect Clay Facades

Aspect Clay Facades

A building’s facade plays a huge role in lending a unique character to the structure’s overall image. But that’s not all, apart from rendering aesthetics it plays a vital role when considering issues of green building and sustainable design. For a building construction specialist, understanding the importance of improving the sustainability and performance of the building envelope is imperative. Did you know? The regular high environmental cost façade can lead to massive energy consumption. Hence, choosing the right façade material becomes one of those decisions where you just cannot go wrong. Wienerberger’s Aspect Clay Façade is environment-friendly, sustainable and offers major technical and architectural advantages as façade cladding. Clay as a building material lasts for generations. A correctly executed façade cladding, with clay façade tiles, is an excellent heat insulator. Thanks to its mass, ceramic has a high heat buffering capacity. The effect is as good as a building sheathed in a continuous second skin, which minimizes heat loss in winter and prevents over-heating during summer. Also, the robust installation dry system completely avoids usage of Sealant, adhesives, hence offers complete water tightness to the façade.

5 Significant Corporations That Opted For Aspect Clay Facades

Considering the benefits of Aspect Clay Façades, many public and private sectors have already opted for it. Some of the important corporations which opted for Aspect Clay Facades:

1. Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Ltd. (BESCOM)

BESCOM has used 1,400 sq. mtr. of Aspect clay facades for their Head Quarters in Bangalore, KR Circle. Designed by RC Architecture, Aspect was chosen specially for its louvers that gave an exclusive aesthetics to the building. Using clay facades provided the architects for greater creative expression.

2. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)

DMRC used Aspect in their latest extension of Delhi Metro, green line. DMRC was looking for a façade with unlimited longevity as it is a public utility space and Aspect clay tiles were their choice of façade. The tiles were further customized to include a special red glossy finish for this metro line which was a key success in terms of planned look.

3. Mangalore International Airport

The international airport of Mangalore was one of the first airports to integrate Terracotta facades. The Airport Authority of India stunningly used Aspect facades to elaborate the entrance of the Airport.

4. ESI Hospitals Coimbatore, Chennai

Architects Mukesh Associates’ philosophy for ESI Hospitals was to offer the best of indoor ambience combined with a contemporary look by using terracotta facade for the whole building (25,000 Sq. mtr.) thereby creating a unique identity for ESI Hospitals across Tamil Nadu. Both the hospitals were inaugurated by Hon’able Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

5. DIAL 100, Lucknow

Located in Lucknow, DIAL 100 is the Communication Hub for the Uttar Pradesh Police department. The building incorporates a totally unique façade design with 3 diverse colours. The artistic pattern achieved with Aspect clay façade creates one distinctive style.

Wienerberger offers façade solutions that are world class; these not only contribute to the aesthetics but also bring in numerous functional benefits. Besides the popular brands Aspect Ventilated Facades and Argeton Facades, Argemax composite cement panels are another star in their façade solutions.

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