In Trends: Rooftop Gardens – What You Need To Know?

Green roof is basically a complete system fabricated in such way that the inhabitants can grow plants on the roof of their house/building without suffering from any kind of leakages/damages to the roof membrane that protects building envelope. Green roofs are suitable for all kind of building structures – right from small residential garages to […]

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World class roofing solutions: Technologically advanced, wide range of colors and finishes for Kerala

The architecture of a building speaks volumes about the person who owns it, and no matter what they say about people having different perceptions, the definition of beauty remains same for almost everyone. So if there is a building which is exquisitely designed, then the owner is in call for loads of appreciative compliments. Though […]

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What are the advantages of modern day clay roof tiles for Kerala homes?


Typically considered to be part of Spanish and Italian architectural styles, clay roof tiles are today one of the most admired roofing materials available, especially for coastal areas such as Kerala. Use of modern day clay roof tiles like Koramic clay roof tiles from Wienerberger (which has been making clay building materials for over a […]

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Why clay roof tiles last long and are ideal for home construction in India


Clay roofs in India India has a rich history of building beautiful structures across the country. Ancient India was the gateway for traders of spices and textiles between the west and the east. Hence, the country has always welcomed travelers, tradesmen, craftsmen from all over the world. India has accepted and is influenced by many […]

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11 Most Impressive Roofs Around The World Using Clay Tiles

From protecting against extreme whether to defining your home’s feature, the roof has a significant opportunity to escalate overall appearance of your most important asset. Thus, styling and bragging it has always remained a thing of interest for many home owners. With plentiful options available for roof constructions, it becomes a matter of foremost importance […]

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