Green Building Trends To Watch Out This Year

As the population and pollution are constantly  rising, the concepts of  sustainability and energy efficiency inventiveness have taken a hold around the globe. The realtors and architects are now  finding business value and opportunities from green building. A new study by Dodge Data and Analytics, published this February in the “World Green Building Trends 2016 […]

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6 Eco Friendly Builders In Bangalore Who Changed The Art Of Living

Earth is suffering and so are her people. Extremes of temperatures are leading to devastating consequences like, floods, droughts, resource depletion and pollution. In spite of this environmental downfall, a rising human population cannot afford to just do away with buildings, hence, construction from eco-friendly builders with minimal carbon footprints is very much the need […]

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Why “Hollow Bricks” Give You Better Value For Money Than “Solid Bricks / Blocks”?

hollow bricks

Bricks, the quintessential material required for any construction have been here since centuries. They are the most used material and yet most often ignored. People give little attention on what type of brick could be used in building a house. Worst still, many are not even aware of different kinds of bricks available in the market […]

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