“Porotherm DryFix.System” – Accelerates Construction And Saves Natural Resources

Presently the construction industry is plagued with numerous challenges; out of that pool, the most alarming one is the shortage of natural resources like water and sand.  Wienerberger introduces Porotherm DryFix.System, a revolutionary system which can significantly reduce the consumption of water and sand during masonry construction. This innovative system improves productivity, saves costs and paves the way for the faster building of walls.

Porotherm DryFix.System – Say “NO” To Wet Mortar

Bearing in mind the rapidly increasing volume of construction in the urban areas, saving water in the pre-construction stages can provide huge relief to the city’s water crisis.

Porotherm DryFix.System is a quick fix system which totally replaces the conventional masonry practices, resulting in dramatic water savings for any type of wall construction, i.e. infill masonry, partition walls or external walls. The system also totally eliminates the requirement for curing, consequently leading to water savings.

Steps For Faster Construction

  • Assemble – Fix the dispenser tightly on the dry fix can.
  • Pre-Wet Bricks – To ensure the bricks are dust and loose particles free.
  • Foundation – Prepare a base course using cement and sand mortar in a 1:4 proportion respectively.
  • Apply& Build – The joint between the concrete column and the Porotherm brick is done by using dryfix. Apply dry fix on vertical shelves of bricks, two in number to join adjacent \joint bricks in a row.
  • Plaster – Plastering of Dryfix walls should be done at the earliest.

Benefits of Porotherm Dryfix.System

  • Ready to use, mason friendly and easy to transport
  • Fastest available masonry system
  • Clean & dry construction – No Debris
  • No need for chasing or curing
  • Strong & reliable adhesive bond
  • Zero site wastage
  • Next construction activity can begin within 24 hours
  • Enhances thermal protection
  • Minimal water usage
  • Improved quality construction

Dryfix.System is one total sustainable solution; it comes along with Smart Bricks or Porotherm Grinded clay hollow bricks. Since these bricks are a hallmark in precision technology it results in incomparable dimensional uniformity which reduces the thickness of the plaster leading to huge savings for the builder.

About Wienerberger Group:

Wienerberger group is the world’s largest producer of clay (terracotta) building bricks and number one in the clay roof market in Europe. The group also holds leading positions in pavers in Europe. With over 204 factories across 30 countries, Wienerberger has become the foremost authority when it comes to natural, sustainable, green building material solution provider.


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