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Vastu Shastra Enhance Your Home Energy

vastu shastra

Vastu shastra the ancient art and science of architecture founded in India literally take the meaning of ‘dwelling (vastu) doctrine (shastra)’ when translated to English. But in Sanskrit the term ‘vastu’ means ‘nature’ and ‘shastra’ implies ‘system or rules’. This means ‘ Vastu shastra ’ is a system that is built in a way which is close to nature. It is about using natural materials for construction like stones for a foundation, clay bricks for construction, wood for interiors, etc. and utilizing natural energy sources like cosmic energy, lunar energy, solar energy, magnetic energy and wind energy.

When your house architecture is designed to harness the power of all these natural resources you’ll create a space that reflects positivity.  A house built according to Vastu science will enhance peace, prosperity, good luck, success, health and wealth. In modern times the term ‘ Vastu shastra ’ might seem lame but when analyzed carefully you’ll realize that our ancestors have a scientific base for every aspect of this system; be it the structural specifications or minor aspects related to interiors.

For example- According to Vastu shastra it helps to withstand S-type seismic waves when you build a building with a 2/3rd portion of west and south without any opening (no windows or ventilators). What this means is when you follow the principles given by Vastu Shastra scholars you’ll not only make your house resistant to natural calamities but also can enjoy the maximum positive energy.

Human beings are made up of 5 natural elements namely earth, fire, air, water and space. Vastu shastra is a science of building and architecture that balances these 5 elements and sets harmony with nature as well as the body of human beings. The material and the structure with which we surround ourselves play a vital role in our physical and psychological well-being.

vastu shastra

Here are few tips to exude energy in your home with Vastu shastra-

Jandiāla Architecture- Plan your construction in such a way that the overall shape of the building is regular i.e. either square or rectangle. Avoid unnecessary extensions and projections leading to irregular shapes especially L-shape or T-shape.

vastu shastra

buy cenforce tablets Materials- When choosing the materials for your house construction let them be the extension of nature as per the Vastu. Make use of earthen material for walls and roofs such as clay hollow bricks and clay roof tiles since they not only have a natural cooling effect but also ooze out positivity. Use natural stones like marble, granite, limestone, slate, etc. for flooring instead of man-made tiles. You can also go for natural wooden or bamboo floors if you like to give a western hint to the look of your house.

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Doors and windows- The direction of doors and windows has a lot of significance in Vastu shastra. Accordingly, the most auspicious direction for the entrance door is east facing as this brings in solar energy with the rise of the sun. While other directions can be considered for rest of them, you shouldn’t have any doors or windows in the north-west corner of the house. Also don’t position doors in the center of the wall. You must go for symmetrical shapes for windows. Cross-ventilation has utmost importance so that the air and light can pass through-and-away bringing in positive energy and letting out negativity.  It is also advisable to have an even number of doors and windows for continuous energy flow.

vastu shastra door & windows

Rooms- Position rooms in specified places since they can have impact on the residents of the house. You should take care at least not to build a room in its ‘extreme no position’ although you may go for second or third best place. The ideal position for pooja room is north-east followed by second best i.e. east. But if you cannot construct it in that place then take precautions not to clutter north-east part of your house or keep heavy things in that place. For master bedroom south-west is the best place however this is a complete no to unmarried members of the house. South works well for boys bedroom while north-west is suitable for girls. Ideally west or north-west is best for bathrooms and north-west should definitely be avoided. Position living room in the east and study room in the north. Place kitchen in the south-east of your home and let the energy of fire bring good health to your family.

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Interiors- When it comes to interiors of the house, Vastu has specifications for everything from colours to mirrors and from plants to keeping the furniture. Hang mirrors on the north or eastern walls. Avoid them in places facing straight to the entrance of the room or facing directly to the bed. Take care of small things like keeping natural indoor plants and not artificial ones to create a pleasant atmosphere. Also, note that cactus plants are believed to draw in negative energy so you may want to keep them outside your house. Planting tulsi and neem plants in and around the house can bring health and prosperity. South-east is the place for electrical and heating appliances which represent energy source. Place cots towards south-west but not in the corner of the rooms. Also, sleep with your head towards south and feet to the north so that you get benefits from earth’s magnetic energy.

vastu shastra Home interior wienerberger

Colours- Colours may help create psychological illusions. Purple signifies wealth and so having something in purple in the north-east corner of the house can bring in prosperity.Painting your dining room with pink or orange helps increase appetite. Light blue colour is believed to have a soothing effect and gets you sound sleep. Red, black and grey are not the preferred colours for any of the rooms as per Vastu.

vastu shastra color

Exteriors- The exterior of your house should be taken care and done as meticulously as your house interiors. Make room for a garden in the north or west part of your plot area whereas south-east and south-west must be totally avoided. Plant fruit-bearing trees and avoid deep rooting ones unless you have enough space. South-west or west of your building is the place you can keep your syntax (it’s plastic and hence avoid it if possible) or build an overhead tank. Your compound wall must be higher on the south-west side compared to other sides and must be built before the house.

vastu shastra Exterior wienerberger

Others- Make sure there is a lot of vacant space in the house and avoid unnecessary furniture or clutter. Bright lighting that is pleasant to the eyes is recommended. Avoid scarily, unattractive things and sounds in your house like unpleasant doorbell sounds or filthy paintings, etc.

With Vastu shastra, you can scientifically enhance the positive vibes in your home and make your home a comfortable place to live with your loved ones.

Authored by Building Experts from Wienerberger India

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