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Environment Friendly House Renovations

Environment friendly house

Congratulations on your decision to renovate your house for a refreshing look. House renovation is a great idea to add on some extra space and meet your changing requirements. It’s a great way to make room for comfort without having to move away from your neighbours and friends.

But before you revivify and start redesigning your house, think of going audacious with environment-friendly house makeover. Be it the bricks to build your newly thought of partition walls, installing energy saving appliances or insulating your house, the idea is to go natural.

However, it’s important to start small and not get overwhelmed by the variety of options available in the market. Keep your cool and analyze in terms of priorities and return-on-investment so that you don’t run out of the budget and get stuck halfway. What are the benefits of an environment-friendly house?

There are a lot of advantages of an environment-friendly house. Some of them are-

– An environment-friendly house is more comfortable and convenient as they are close to nature and are made of natural resources.

– By building an environmentally friendly house, you are also making a vital contribution to reducing climate change.

– An environmental friendly house not only helps the environment but also will be light on your wallet in the long run by saving money on your electricity and heating bills.

purchase prednisone Top 3 considerations while planning environment-friendly house renovation

1) Choose eco-friendly material

Look for products certified by “The Greenguard Environmental Institute” or “Green Building Council”. The good part is most of the eco-friendly materials cost you less compared to their counterparts. Your choice of materials affects both the design and construction requirements of a building as well as performance in terms of comfort, maintenance as well as  heating and cooling costs during the structure’s lifetime.

– Consider using the ones which can be recycled in future once their purpose is served. Also, make use of recycled or green material to conserve resources for your environment-friendly house.

– Choose eco-friendly bricks made of clay, coal ash, rice husk and granite slurry over concrete bricks that are less efficient in energy-saving.

– Use true Linoleum which is made of  linseed oil instead of vinyl which according to Greenpeace is a harmful plastic that contribute to serious health problems.

– You may use cork or bamboo for flooring which regrow quickly rather than artificially done carpet or hardwood (which may take decades to grow).

– Go for paints that contain low or no-VOC instead of regular paints that release toxic volatile organic compounds.

Generally, materials that are free of maintenance and cost you little on replacements in future can be a good choice. Another wise thing to do is buying stuff locally to save on transportation as well as minimize greenhouse gas emission. Repurposing saves you money and also stops you from adding waste back to the environment. Get innovative and plan in advance so that you reuse the existing material efficiently.

2) Build hassle free wall partition using Porotherm Bricks

Remodeling internal walls is much easier than you think. By opting for eco-friendly bricks, which are bigger in size but lightweight, easy to handle, and have uniform finishing, you can build partition walls with ease.

Porotherm bricks have all the above-mentioned features along with a dozen of others. These bricks are 60% lighter than solid concrete blocks and hence increases the productivity in masonry by allowing faster construction. They are also uniform on the surface which makes it easy to coat and paint the exteriors saving you time and money.

Porotherm bricks are certified and accredited by Green Building Council for ratings, therefore, a good fit to build a green concept house.

3) Make your environment-friendly house energy-efficient-

Use energy-efficient material that are naturally comforting and can save your utility bills. Make the most out of natural light through proper windows placement and get more natural air with cross ventilation.

Install CFL or LED bulbs. Buy energy-saving appliances with star logo. Installing solar panels can be worthy and save you money in the long run even if they come with big upfront investment.

Insulate your environment-friendly house, go a step further and get yourself energy-saving roof by adding clay roof tiles that insulate temperature. Pick hollow clay bricks for non-load bearing walls since they act as natural thermal insulators that help keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter. They aid you to conserve energy and reduce the need to use coolers or heaters thus making your house energy-efficient.

Environment-friendly house renovation can be exciting. This excitement gets doubled when you can contribute to saving the environment in your own little way. Whether it’s as small as using incandescent lights to save energy or as big as running the show fully with solar power, what really matters is you have started with an intention to save the Earth.

Authored by a Building Expert from Wienerberger India

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