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How To Maintain A Brick House? 5 Easy Steps

For centuries, Brick has been one incredibly popular building material for builders, architects, and homeowners. Bricks are energy efficient, weather & fire resistant, and eco-friendly – All in all, it is a building material that is built to last – But, it still calls for some maintenance. Yes, even brick homes need maintenance! Bricks are often chosen for a home’s exterior mainly for its rustic beauty and durability. While bricks are considered low-maintenance, don’t consider them as maintenance free. Pre-emptive maintenance to bricks could possibly save you from costly repairs. You may think now – how to maintain a brick house, we break it down to 5 easy steps.

How To Maintain A Brick House?

If you are one of those who owns a brick house, you are surely living in a home that is aesthetically appealing, energy efficient, and above all has a great resale value. With an annual inspection for the wear and tear, your brick house can live longer than imagined.

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Inspection is key to maintain a brick house, make sure you inspect your home annually. It is important to note, that the damage doesn’t come from the brick, but from the mortar used to hold it together. Hose the brick down, and check for any crumbling mortar. If you find any damaged mortar, patch it with new mortar immediately to prevent water seeping in.

Also, if your home receives very little or no sunlight, be on the lookout for moss, mold, or mildew growth. A synthetic scrub brush and a solution of household bleach and water can remove most of such unwanted growths.

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Plant growth or vines can cause extreme damage to your bricks. This is because they adhere to the face of the brick and tend to erode it. Hence if you see vines adhering to your brick walls, don’t snatch them out, instead cut them close to the soil and let them naturally die and fall off.

3. Keep The Weep Hole Clean

A weep, a weep-brick, or a weep hole is a tiny opening which allows moisture from the wall to drain to the outside. Typically, these weeps are located at the bottom of the assembly. Occasionally these holes get clogged and if not cleared these can cause water damage. Always keep a check on the weep holes and ensure these are clean.

4. Watch For Signs Of Efforescence

Typically, this is a plodding growth of salt crystals from the brick which travel towards the surface when water penetrates the brick. It looks like a chalky deposit on the face of the brick. These need to be removed; in most cases these can be cleaned with a stiff brush but in difficult cases a chemical agent needs to be used.

5. Replace Damaged Bricks

Chisel out the mortar which surrounds the damage bricks and replaces them. Carefully clean the opening and dampen a bonding agent or water. Spread new mortar to the bottom of the opening and lay in the brick and mortar the sides and top. You can finish the new joints by simply running your fingers over the new mortar and clean off any residue.

Final Thoughts

It is important to be aware that the beauty of a brick house needs to protected by appropriate preventive maintenance. The above steps if taken care ensure that the beauty and elegance of your home stays intact for years to come and also that there are no costly repairs needed in the future.

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