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Benefits Of Clay Facade That May Change Your Perspective

The appearance of a real estate property depends on the façade style. The inclusion of design is done based on the aesthetic and ergonomic value of a material. Paint, glass, or metals used to cover the front portion of an asset seems so stereotypical. Adding an extra essence by choosing clay façade styles will be the best bet to create a brilliant first impression on the onlookers.


Paoua Why do architects choose a clay facade design?

Terracotta is one of the sustainable resources used these days to add elegance to a commercial building. The modern-day architects are fascinated by the use of this brilliant element to a house plan. It is made of clay and is 100% natural. Terracotta provides a brilliant appearance to a façade outsmarting glass, stone, paint, and other conventional choices. This is also an eco-friendlier choice that does not cause resource depletion or leave a big carbon footprint.

The prime reasons for introducing a Rossano Stazione facade design into the architectural plan of a real estate property are mentioned below.


  • Fuxin Protection from climatic elements

Using a clay façade will protect your building skin from UV rays, extreme temperatures, wind, snow, etc. Airborne debris gets easily deflected by terracotta façades. In fact, the natural tint also suppresses any damage on the surface. In fact, the firing processes make this material highly weather resistant which stops the natural color from deteriorating.


Terracotta has been used by the oldest civilizations due to its excellent heat repelling capabilities. Hence, adding clay façades can help you achieve the thermal insulation you want in the building. Heat is reflected rather not transmitted to the other part of the wall due to its insulation properties. The buildings adorning a terracotta facade design will become more energy efficient. The internal temperature will not rise to a conventional extent and less energy will be spent to control it.


  • Fire resistant

Natural clay is fire resistant. These clay tiles are made with the latest firing techniques. The material hardens and provides an excellent layer on the top surface to resist fire from spreading.


  • Soundproofing

Using a clay façade will also make the building soundproof. Terracotta is a natural material that checks sound waves hitting on its surface. This material can be used on the buildings in busy areas to get an advantage of its acoustic property. The homes and commercial spaces will resist noise from disturbing the internal environment. 


  • Sustainability

Terracotta is prepared from firing clay. It can be recycled and reused. In fact, this facade design also does not harm nature by not depleting non-renewable resources. The environmental impact of terracotta is far more impressive than other materials.


  • Aesthetically pleasing

A city jungle has big buildings with glass facades and shiny fronts. The gleaming surfaces put stress on the eyes of citizens. In this case, using terracotta facades will be the best bet to bring a matte and soothing finish on the outer surface of a building. Its out-of-the-box aesthetic impression will make a building look quite elegant and different from the crowd.


  • Chemically perfect

Clay tiles do not have calcium leakage issues. They also don’t have an efflorescence effect. On prolonged use, these tiles do not lose their tint and beauty. The weather-resistive property is chemically perfect for a house/office plan as it requires minimum maintenance.


Terracotta in the plan

A timeless classic look is what you are going to gain from using terracotta tiles on the façade. The modern tiles are the best for modern facade design. Avail of a timeless impressive look on a building with terracotta tiles. 



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