Clay ventilated facades for premium homes in India

Sustainable construction is the name of today’s game, and this is not a bad thing Today’s homes are constructed to mirror life’s successes and also to abide by the gold standards of sustainable construction or living. The world has taken notice of the massive repercussions of global warming, purely driven by inefficient usage of natural […]

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Building materials to complement your success via building your dream home


Significance of your success Since the days of yore, we humans seek three main things in life, no matter how rich or poor we are; food, clothing, and shelter. With our personal and professional growth, we tend to imbibe more and more sophistication in what we eat (food), in what we wear (clothes), and in […]

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A Tale of Land and Illumination: New Build University Restaurant Project

Project Details: Project: New build University Restaurant in Metz, France Architect: KL Architectes Client: Crous Façade: Argeton Barro® sun shade natural red Surface area: 600 m² Unique Aspect: Located in a green belt, the Metz’In, the university restaurant at the Metz Technopôle, appears to rise out of its natural environment. It can accommodate nearly 500 […]

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Clay Facades Always Better Than Exterior Paints, Glass and Metals?

Clay facades

Facades, which literally means frontage, can also imply any side of the exterior part of the building. Typically, for any building, big or small, commercial or residential, the exterior elevation speaks volumes when it comes to forming a perception of that building’s aesthetic value. No wonder, Architects and builders lay very high emphasis on the […]

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