5 Major Issues Plaguing The Construction Industry In India

Construction Industry In India

The construction industry faced two major events last year, Real Estate Regulation & Development Act (RERA) and Goods and Services Tax (GST), both these events have forced the industry to become more transparent and process driven. RERA’s main objective is to regulate the unregulated sector and bring in more discipline to check the project delays […]

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Explore The Reason Behind Cracks In Walls Of New House

Why Cracks In Walls, foundation cracks, cracks in walls around windows , cracks in walls of new house

  Cracks in walls can be visually very disturbing, but more than that they are a serious indication of structural distress or conceivably unsafe conditions. Cracks can appear in brittle construction materials like concrete, tile, wood, sheetrock, stone, stucco and bricks. But did you know, new buildings are more prone to cracks? Thinking why? read […]

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