Top 10 Types Of Masonry In Indian Construction

Types Of Masonry

Building a residence is a lifetime investment and there comes no space of compromise in this venture. This is precisely where the vitality of selecting the right masonry bits and pieces comes into the picture. The industry of construction is progressing by leaps and bounds in the recent years and is coming up with more and more advanced innovations offering a wide range of options for the real estate industry, investors and professionals in the construction field.

This article is going to help discuss some of the most relevant types of masonry that are used in construction ventures in India. The following shall broaden your horizons about the necessary masonries on which today’s construction industry is thriving in India and here they are!

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1. Masonry in Mud Mortar

This particular category have come a long way and now is massively in demand in the current Indian construction industry. It is best known for its durability and is often used to build significant foundations. It is mostly used in hospitality service industry and residences and the final material gives out an excellent warm and confortable ambiance inside which is way better than concrete walls. But if you are building a project in a rain prone area, this type will not make the perfect option. Too much rain would hamper the structure and material of this and would need a roof protection to maintain durability. However survey says that this is a cheaper alternative to cement and can lower construction cost by nearly 22%.

2. Reinforced Masonry

The placement of reinforcement in masonry, the energy dissipation capacity and the resistance to horizontal loads can be enhanced significantly. The texture of it is sort of spongy which is nor the case in the regular masonry. Reinforced masonry is more robust and is good for lateral loading than that of the regular ones. It is gaining huge popularity in the Indian construction market and also known for giving out good value for money.

3. Brick Masonry

Burnt Clay Bricks is one of the robust categories of masonriesthat is extensively used for building foundations in India. It is a higher-grade quality of brick that as the name suggests is made by burning clay. However, the quality of this brick has sub-divisions again. It ranges from first to fourth classes of bricks. The first-class ones are known for their smooth shapes, textures and strong structures.

4. Half Brick Masonry

This is a subcategory of the brick masonry and is not used for any high strength construction or load bearing purposes. They are generally a part of the internal walls. A half brick wall is often freed to as a 4 inches/13 cm wall.

5. Solid Concrete Block Masonry

This is one of the new Types Of Masonry that is taking over the Indian construction market. They are quite heavy in weight compare to the other categories of masonries. They are generally used in high-rise constructions where stability is the main criterion. They make buildings much safer and stiffer.

6. Composite Masonry

This is a blend of two categories of building materials and that is where its name comes from. It is known for adding an aesthetic edge to the building and is widely used for commercial purposes. Also, this is an economical option when it comes to construction projects and is used in many developing nations including India.

7. Bagged Concrete Masonry

This is one of the low-rate types of masonrythat is often in Indian construction purposes. This gives out an easy way to build walls that are string and durable without the use of lose cement, bricks or ant relevant substances. They look like sacks of cement that are soaked in water due to which they become hard. They are then placed in series to attain the required structure. Later these sacks disintegrate as they do not have any function leaving the structure as it is. This category of masonry is usual protect to stream banks from erosion specifically where there is a street passing anywhere nearby.

8. Lime Mortar Masonry

The commercial industry is literally thriving on this particular type. This is one of the types of masonrythat is emerging as one of the most sought-after construction materials for modern projects. The Lime mortal is a blend of soft properties of lime and porous, easy to use in construction purposes and yet meets all the standards of the traditional style masonries. It is often use to retain old buildings and structures. This category of masonry also offers huge advantages when you are planning to work on decorative and delicate building materials. The texture of this is more porous than that of the cement mortars and hence there are less chances of damp.

9. Hollow Concrete Masonry       

The use of this particular type has recently come into use and is wide spreading constantly. It is known to give out plenty of advantages such as reducing the weight of a particular structure, offering high durability and keeping damps, erosion and other relevant problem at bay. This is good for low-grade construction purposes. They can be molded into different shapes and sizes as well as structures. They have high capacity of load bearing.

10. Porotherm Smart Bricks – Quality, Strength And Economical Value

• Hollow bricks, Natural clay bricks, Porotherm

Porotherm Clay Bricks combined with the Dryfix.System is a perfect combination for building masonry walls that are strong and weather resistant. Porotherm Smart bricks are being extensively used as quality, strength and economical value are commended upon them. They’re aesthetically beautiful and functionally smart bricks. On the other hand, the Dryfix.System is a perfect replacement for messy mortar. These help in saving the overall construction time and also helps in conserving natural resources like water and sand. Currently, these bricks are also being used by famous builders and developers and you should build your walls using Porotherm Only.

Mentioned above were some of the masonries that are ruling the Indian construction world. Expand your acumen in construction masonries to make the most out of your building projects and add an edge to your craftsmanship!

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