Alert!!! Sick Building Syndrome Is Catching Up Fast

Sick Building Syndrome

The World Health Organization (WHO) Committee report suggested way back in 1984 that up to 30% of the new and modernized building structures worldwide may be the subject of extreme complaints related to IAQ i.e. indoor air quality. Today, the potential effect of indoor air quality on human health are well documented. On an average, […]

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“Indoor Air Quality” – Know The Common Indoor Air Toxins & How Green Walls Can Help

Indoor Air Quality, indoor air pollution, outdoor air pollution, air toxins

Have you ever paid attention to “Air Quality”? Well, when it comes to air quality, most of us think of air pollution, car emissions, and smog. But, that isn’t all, it’s just a part of it, air quality can be broadly classified into indoor and outdoor, and “Indoor Air” can be deadlier than the outdoor […]

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