7 Effective Ways To Conserve Water On Construction Sites

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Fresh water resources across the world are coming under growing pressure from population growth, urbanisation, rising per capita water use, and increased industrial activity. The pressures, and the dangers the lack of adequate water poses for people, industry, and ecosystems, are frightening and have already been highlighted in many different studies and reports. Coming to […]

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Stormwater Management – Why India Desperately Needs One

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Rapidly growing urbanization and the uncontrolled changing of the natural landscape has brought out a serious problem for many Indian cities. While natural calamities like flood are on the rise every year, urban and semi-urban areas are continuously striving to improve their drainage systems. The problem is not recent, if we look deeper. Most big […]

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Easy Practices That Can Be Followed By Every Household To Save Water

Water conservation is the need of the hour because it is a very essential component for life and is indispensable for sustenance. Hence, the management, usage and conservation of water is vital for human beings and for environment and crops as well. As there is a pressing gap between the seasonal accessibility and the equitable […]

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