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Why Clay Tiles Roofing For Your House?

Everyone dreams of building a house that looks both aesthetically appealing and at the same time lasting for generations. A perfect clay tiles roof plays a vital role in fulfilling this dream. It not only gives you the shade and shelter but also brings your house to life by giving it a beautiful architectural elevation.

But with so many options to choose from, you may easily be struck with dilemma. When it comes to roofing material, clay roof tiles are the best you can get. Tiled roofs are safe in the sense that they are non-combustible. The longevity factor is a huge advantage since they are resistant to varying weather conditions and insect boring.

Roof tiles come in varied styles and material. You can find flat tiles that can be laid in an overlapping fashion, interlocking tiles with top locks, barrel tiles with semi-cylindrical shape, imbrex and tegula tiles that have s-shape, etc.

In the modern world, you can find roof tiles made of concrete and plastic as well. But in the olden days i.e. as early as 3rd millennium BC, slat and clay roof tiles were the ones used extensively.

Since then terracotta roof tiles have evolved and have seen many changes to date. Today even in this world of concrete jungles, people are turning more and more towards creating green concept houses. Apart from natural light and solar power harnessing, most of the popular engineers and architects are trying to incorporate clay-tiled roofs to get maximum benefits from sustainable building or green construction houses.

The usage of clay tiles for roof extends the benefits of durability, utility, budget management, comfort and designing concepts. Numerous so-called worthy replacements for clay tiles have been making rounds in the market for ages but never actually challenged clay tiles.


Clay tiles have been a popular choice with people for all ages and will continue to be so. Listed below are few benefits that’ll make you enthrall with these tiles-


1. Design aesthetics- Clay tiles provide you with a range of selection when it comes to suit your taste and meet your architectural requirements. For example- the typical Kerala architecture imbibes the use of clay tiles for roofs for all the obvious reasons pertaining to geography, history and climate of this region. You can choose the best tiles to suit your structure from a variety of colour, style, shapes and sizes. With rich terracotta topped with finishes like glazed, unglazed or engobe to pick, you can only be spoilt with choices!


2. Energy saver due to insulation- In a tropical country like India especially the high humid southern part of the country, keeping your house cool can be the cause for huge energy consumption. With these tiles you can easily keep your resources intact and bills at check. Clay tiles with their natural thermal insulating property keeps your house cool in summer. Not only that but the very property of insulation can save you energy required to keep your houses warm in winter.


3. Weather resistance- With a well-structured roof, quality underlayment and its pitch raised to perfection, you can avail the benefits of weather resisting properties of clay tiles to the best. Their ability to fend harshness of the changing weather be it scorching temperatures in summer or water damage in rainy seasons, makes them ultimate choice for long-lasting roofs.


4. Durability and low maintenance- Apart from occasional cleaning of dust and seasonal remains you are free from maintenance. They are low on maintenance due to self-resistance to weather changes. They are fire-proof and insect-proof. They are impervious as well, which aids to overcome the mold and rot  problems of coastal regions like Kerala and coastal Karnataka, which receives plentiful rains. Firing the tiles at high temperature helps them to retain colour and do not fade away unlike painted substitutes. All these enhances the shelf life and increases resale value of home due to long lasting colour and quality.


5. Cost effective- Compared to some of its counterparts, clay tiles looks to be costlier but actually proves to be cost effective in the long run due to its low maintenance and high durability factors. They also help you to save on your bills. Less energy consumption factor curbing the heating/cooling resources costs are some of its added advantages. Talking about the life span itself, clay tiles can last for years longer than concrete tiles.


Terracotta tiles can be easily installed and they give your home a classic look. When it comes to your lifetime investment they make your dreams of comfort, security and beauty come alive. By using these tiles you are also pledging to save the environment since producing titles from clay is a process that is environmental friendly. Starting from the raw material i.e. the clay to its recycling property for newer applications, they can be used and reused, thus helping retain the beauty of nature.

When it comes to making a permanent investment and choosing materials for your house, you must sure go for the best like Koramic clay roof tiles, which adds the touch of Europe to Indian architecture.

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Clay roof tiles give you the creative freedom to play with your building elevation while adding in the benefit of being natural.


Additional resource: To know more about Koramic clay roof tiles. See this short video-

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