Walling Material – Porotherm Bricks Are Noteworthy Resource Savers

Porotherm bricks are smart walling material that peruses the advantages of natural clay. These are perforated hollow bricks, which can be either horizontally perforated or vertically perforated. The fact that they are made of natural substances and are hollow from inside makes them far more efficient than the traditional solid bricks and blocks. Porotherm bricks […]

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How Is IoT Impacting The Construction Industry?

Several industries including manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation use the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to boost productivity, streamline business processes and most importantly cut operating costs, and the Global Construction industry which is estimated to be worth $10.3 trillion by 2020 (Source), is no exception. The IoT is actually making noteworthy changes to this industry […]

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Architecture as a hobby makes a retiree a bonafide eco-friendly builder


It is not easy to leave the corporate world and try something out of the ordinary. Antony Raj worked in the corporate sector for many years. He stumbled upon the indigenous architecture techniques. Soon, he became fascinated with this unique technique and started to build eco-friendly homes in India. Let’s learn more about Antony Raj […]

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