7 Effective Ways To Conserve Water On Construction Sites

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Fresh water resources across the world are coming under growing pressure from population growth, urbanisation, rising per capita water use, and increased industrial activity. The pressures, and the dangers the lack of adequate water poses for people, industry, and ecosystems, are frightening and have already been highlighted in many different studies and reports. Coming to […]

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“Porotherm DryFix.System” – Accelerates Construction And Saves Natural Resources

Presently the construction industry is plagued with numerous challenges; out of that pool, the most alarming one is the shortage of natural resources like water and sand.  Wienerberger introduces Porotherm DryFix.System, a revolutionary system which can significantly reduce the consumption of water and sand during masonry construction. This innovative system improves productivity, saves costs and […]

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Another Innovation From Wienerberger That can Help Reduce Bangalore’s Water Crisis

Wienerberger, the global leaders in sustainable, green building materials introduces Porotherm DryFix.System, a revolutionary system that can drastically minimize the huge amount of water consumed during building construction. Chronic water shortage is no news for a city like Bangalore. The past 5 years has seen Bangalore’s precious water sources depleting at an alarming rate. An […]

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