Top 6 Categories Of IGBC Green Interiors Rating System

Indian Green Building Council

The building sector in India is growing at a significant pace and is contributing immensely to the growth of the national economy. This sector has beautifully embraced green and sustainable construction practices and enabled India to be on the Global map of green buildings and the built environment. Today more and more builders and developers […]

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Which States In India Incentivise ‘Green Building’ Construction?

IGBC, green building, green building incentives

The construction industry is responsible for producing the 2nd largest amount of demolition waste and greenhouse gases (35-40%). The construction phase of the building involves major consumption of energy. In addition to this, amenities like lighting, air conditioning, water heating systems that provide comfort to the building inhabitants consumee enormous amount of energy and add […]

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The Story Of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Has Just Gone Viral!

green building , Green Building Rating, IGBC, Indian Green Building Council

We all are pretty well aware of increasing environmental issues like water and air pollution and global warming. Sadly, it is the human’s ever-growing demand for resources which is putting tremendous pressure on the biodiversity of our natural world. Coming to the construction industry, this industry is responsible for producing the largest amount of greenhouse […]

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Sustainable Building: Not Just Green But Imparting Better Living For All

‘Green Building’ concept was started with the sole aim of attaining sustainability. But green buildings are no longer limited to the shackles of its contribution to the environment. Green buildings directly contribute to the health and well-being of the people and society as a whole. Owing to its impactful long run attributes it has grabbed […]

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