6 Eco Friendly Builders In Bangalore Who Changed The Art Of Living

Earth is suffering and so are her people. Extremes of temperatures are leading to devastating consequences like, floods, droughts, resource depletion and pollution. In spite of this environmental downfall, a rising human population cannot afford to just do away with buildings, hence, construction from eco-friendly builders with minimal carbon footprints is very much the need […]

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Clay Facades Always Better Than Exterior Paints, Glass and Metals?

Clay facades

Facades, which literally means frontage, can also imply any side of the exterior part of the building. Typically, for any building, big or small, commercial or residential, the exterior elevation speaks volumes when it comes to forming a perception of that building’s aesthetic value. No wonder, Architects and builders lay very high emphasis on the […]

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Innovative Building Materials For Eco Friendly Construction

innovative building materials

Civil engineering is raving up fast with new innovative building materials being made rapidly. From sealants to adhesives, from wall solutions to roofing, it is getting environmental friendly as well as technological based with every invention, which is the need of the hour. Innovative building materials are imperative for better management of the construction process […]

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