Sustainable architecture blends with yoga in Bali

Bali is the place to relax and unwind yourself. In this scenic holiday destination, you could unleash the potential of your body and soul with yoga. One such place where you can practice yoga in sync with nature is at Yoga Pavilion at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan.

The Special Feature that Makes it Extraordinary

Yoga Pavilion is a special place to be for all yoga enthusiasts. This is because IBUKU, a Bali-based design studio has designed lightweight and low-footprint buildings at Four Seasons Resort Bali.

IBUKU is known for their unique bamboo structures created over the years. At Yoga Pavilion, their most recent project they have constructed an architectural structure that translates like the flexibility of yoga.

The Shelter That Spells Peace

The bamboo structure is shaped like a leaf and appears to float in the air. It is built in at the edge of a lush green tropical forest and is complementary to the nature around it.

The roof is made of interlocked bamboo sticks and given a shape like a huge leaf folded like an umbrella. Long bamboo sticks support the roof and the base is a few meters above the ground. Thus, the shelter appears to defy gravity and floating in mid-air.

The open spaces around it allow one to practice yoga overlooking the rice fields as well as a calm river.

Sustainable architecture blends with yoga in Bali

Why Bamboo?

The use of bamboo to build this structure is quite significant to the aim of building a place for yoga. Bamboos tend to represent the basic tenets of yoga. These basic qualities include strength, flexibility as well as vulnerability.

What Makes IBUKU Different?

IBUKU builds structures that are synchronized with nature. Their projects involve the use of architectural acrobatics. They involve use of indigenous Indonesian building methods. The bamboos are protected from insects by application of a natural Boron salt solution. It is completely natural and tends to provide a permanent solution against insects.


IBUKU also never uses heavy machinery such as cranes and bulldozers to build their structures. Instead, they involve the local craftsmen, artisans, and builders to help them construct their unique models of architecture.

If you happen to be in Bali, do visit the Yoga Pavilion at Four Seasons Bali at Sayan. The beauty of the structure will mesmerize you and the calm green surroundings will leave you refreshed after a stirring session of yoga.

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