Smart Devices To Light Up Your Oasis

Smart is in trend. Whether it is smartphones, smart devices or smart living, people are fascinated towards smart and it rose to a much greater extent since last decade. Smart technologies are now being used by homeowners worldwide for a better and easier lifestyle and maintenance. The smartly connected applications are in demand. Homeowners are seeking and exploring ways to make the devices within their house.

If you are passionate about technology and love gardening, then here we share you a good news. How about a connected garden? What if you could fuse your passion together. Below is a compiled list that informs you about the best gadgets that you could use to enhance your gardening experience.


Greenbox allows you to easily connect the gadget to your mobile device and help monitor the installed sprinkler system. Depending on the calculated weather insight, this device decides whether or not the sprinkler system should be activated or not. This helps conserve water resource and also prevents the plants from getting spoiled. This product costs around $250 as starting price.


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Edyn is  a high-end product that care of all your gardening problems starting from finding out the quality of the soil  as well as advice regarding any specific plants that could best grow on that soil. This smart device can be easily thrust into the ground from where it could start compiling all the data and send it directly to your smartphone and another mobile device. It will cost you a bit  over $150.


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Parrot Flower Power

Parrot Flower Power is a sophisticated and easily  affordable product that you could install for your home garden to make it hi-tech and ‘smart’. It offers you a host of facilities ranging from easily connecting to your mobile device to alerting you to the weather conditions in real-time and from suggesting your ramifications in your garden to telling you about the soil conditions etc. It costs around  $59.99.


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RainMachine serves the  purpose of  using weather data from the Internet to adjust an existing sprinkler system. It  is quite accurate, and if for some reason it cannot connect to the Internet, it will use historical data to make any new watering decisions. Now manage your watering schedule at just $249.


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Koubachi Plant Sensor 2

Well, Koubachi does a little bit of almost everything. It senses conditions from the soil, it offers advice for managing your plants. It also does weather predictions to aid you to make the best decisions for your garden. Everything from soil conditions to sunlight data is available. It also connects with your smartphones and tablets. Additionally, the outdoor model of Koubachi is resistant to bad weather, which means one can leave it out there safely. The indoor model helps you to keep track of how your plants in the house are doing. Its price is $129 for the outdoor model, $99 for the indoor model.


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But there are many more products that have revolutionized the way gardening is done and maintained. Namely bitponics, koubachi wifi plant sensor, solar sync, plantlink, easybloom plant sensor, vegibee and many more.

Get up and grab your smart device today.

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