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“Project Solarise” A Bold And Innovative Step Towards Sustainable Housing Development

“Fully Solar Powered and Zero Electricity” – This well describes the idea of the students of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, (IIT-B). Yes, “Project Solarise” is a home that runs 100% on solar power, this housing project is truly one bold and innovative step towards sustainable housing development. The net-positive energy house was inaugurated by Prof. Devang Khakhar in May 2018.

Team Shunya who is behind this innovate housing concept created this house for an upcoming international competition “Solar Decathlon China 2018”. Let’s us explore Project Solarise.


‘Project Solarise’ Is The Brainchild Of Team SHUNYA


‘SHUNYA’ or ‘Sustainable Habitat for an Urbanizing Nation by its Young Aspirants’ is a team of around 70 engineering and architecture students from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. This team together has designed and erected a house that is beyond imagination.

Team SHUNYA will be representing India in International Solar Decathlon to be held in China during July-August 2018. This international competition challenges student’s teams to design, build and operate highly energy-efficient and completely solar-powered houses.

The team had formerly taken part in the Solar Decathlon Europe in 2014, where they were accorded with an honourable mention in “sustainability”.

This project is a feather of success in the technological advancement of the country in solar housing and a huge step towards sustainable housing development.


Project Solarise – Highlights


As we already mentioned, Team SHUNYA hooked on to building a modern and comfortable house that can run entirely on solar – this zero-electricity project is designed to suit the climatic conditions of Amravati in Andhra Pradesh.

Built over 2,000 square feet (G+1), Project Solarise is a solar powered villa that comprises of 3 well-furnished rooms. This house essentially runs on solar energy with the help of rooftop panels. The house is fully functional with lighting and air-conditioning.

The construction involves traditional architectural methods but is designed to offer a modern lifestyle with ultramodern amenities all incorporated under one single roof.

Another interesting thing about Project Solarise is that it not only uses zero electrical energy from the grid but is also capable of producing and feeding extra energy to the grid during bright sunny days. All this not just limited to the house, but even the appliances in the house are also solar powered. Solar-power cooker, solar air heater, and oven are just a few examples to name.


Final Thoughts


The members of SHUNYA aren’t limiting their scope of work to win competitions. They are actively taking part in awareness activities to promote sustainable housing development and construction. Their aim is to introduce the concept to the market in hopes of changing the Indian building market by indicating that sustainable housing can be affordable.

With the undying zeal and determination for transmuting the urban lifestyle of our country to an energy-efficient sustainable model, the team and the mentors of Team SHUNYA are doing an extraordinary to fast-track sustainable housing development in the country.


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