Does Your Living Room Need a Makeover? Go for ‘The Green’

The increasing rate of pollution has truly raised the demand for natural elements in our everyday life. And the human quest for innovation and development has left many natural elements in ruin. Use of inorganic and unnatural products, exhausting resources and extreme temperatures are affecting us deeply, and it’s high time we fought back.

Every small step is now essential for conservation of natural elements, and what better way of doing it than by start off with one’s own home? This year, take a stand.

It is time to usher nature back into our homes. If your living room needs a makeover, go for ‘the green’. It is in-demand and trending. Green not only adds to the oomph factor, but also gives you a healthy environment and better indoor air. Selecting the perfect element is the key to a perfectly architected living space. Given below are a few tricks through which you can revamp your living the greener way:

The Right Colour & Light

The first and foremost responsibility that you should adhere to is repainting your living space. It is a pivotal point of concern. Opt for low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and certified green paint. It is advisable to choose light colours.

Make use of sunlight as a part of interior design of your living space. The easiest and cheapest trick that one overlooks every time while looking for the natural element is sunlight. Natural light has the ability to brighten every corner of your living space and adds colour and vibrancy to furniture and other decor items in that part of the house. Plan the placement of windows in such a way that they optimise the amount of  incoming light.

You can also borrow light from solar tubes from your roof. Nothing can beat natural light when it comes to the use of natural elements for your living space. Put light-coloured curtains, as they allow more light to enter your home. Even correct usage of mirrors can help you grab more natural light — so, be sure to place them diligently.

Floral Inspiration

Not only do floral arrangements have the ability to enliven interior design, they also bring together the overall look of a living space. Avoid artificial floral designs; look out for natural flowers. There is a wide variety out in the market. Go for indoor plants such as a fresh orchids, succulents, cactii, or a fresh bouquet.

You can also try filler flowers such as alstroemeria, daisies or Sweet William. Filler flowers take care of spacing issues elegantly. Since herbs are easy to maintain, you can try to build a small indoor herb garden in your living space. Do not go for anything complicated. Keep it simple. Bonsai is also a very popular choice among homeowners.

Regeneration is The Key

You can really play with furniture and storage options. Right sets of furniture could enhance the overall spacing issue of your living space. If you already possess old furniture, why buy new ones?

Experiment with old ones — polish them or repaint them. If you have an old, single bed, you can use it as a divan to decorate your living space. You can also change the fabric of the furniture for a complete new look. Throw some cushions with new colours to bring in a new look to the room. Shuffle the overall arrangement of your living space.

Sustainable Flooring

The quest for sustainability and the need for reduction of carbon footprint has led to an enormous rise in eco-friendly flooring options. Be calculated in your moves. Do not try to overdo your living space. Analyse space and thereafter implement the plan. Options such as hardwood, bamboo, stone tiles and metal tiles are available to homeowners.

One of the cost-effective ways of choosing flooring for your living space is to experiment with carpets. Different sets of rugs for the varied season is cost-effective as well as trendy.

Eco-friendly Lighting Fixtures

Lighting up your living space is a serious issue. When it comes to selecting the right lighting fixtures, less is more. The lighting system has often been linked to health issues; therefore, selecting the right one is pivotal. Go for compact fluorescent bulbs or LEDs, as they save a lot of energy. You can also experiment with classic bulb looks or a quirky single-coloured bulb look.

Reuse Those Old Curtains

When revamping your entire living room, you must be thinking to throw those wonderful but old curtains. As we promote reuse, say no to throwing away things as much as possible. Repurpose those old curtains as cushion covers, table runners etc. You can also use old curtains to make a border cover for photo frames and flaunt your favourite photograph in it.

Experiment with Recycled Products

Search for sustainability has led to an increase in demand of recycled products, particularly in a living space. When repurposed correctly, these recycled products could have a positive impact on the indoor temperature of your living space. You can also experiment with some quirky designs.

However, all the aforementioned points depend on a theme. A theme that you would like to adopt for the overall look of the living space. You need to decide whether you want a classic or a modern look, and plan everything else accordingly.

Without a properly selected theme, everything could fall out of place. So, this year, do your bit by giving back to nature. Don’t over utilise or exhaust what has been given to us.

Authored By A Wienerberger Building Expert.

The article was originally published on Deccan Herald

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