Joysxee: A Mind Blowing Island, That Floats on Plastic Bottles

British Eco-architect Richart “Reishee” Sowa started building his ambitious plastic bottle Island in 1998 which was located in a lagoon near Puerto Aventuras, on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, south of Cancún. He used waste plastic bottles along with plywood and bamboo for support. He poured sand on the plastic bottles and started growing plants and mangroves.

The island sported a two-story house, which had a solar oven and self-composting toilet. Sadly the island was destroyed by Hurricane Emily in 2005.

Sowa didn’t give up. In the waters of Isla Mujeres near Cancun, he built another island in late 2007 and 2008. The island was opened to the public in August, 2008.

island floating on plastic bottles joysxee floating bottle island

The new island has three beaches, a house, two ponds, a solar-powered waterfall and river, a wave-powered washing machine and solar panels etc. Volunteers helped with the project. Sowa will continue to make improvements to the Island, so it will always be a work of art in progress.

1. The Island has an air-conditioner, cooker & lighting that runs on solar power.

Plastic bottle island 6 Joyxee Island joysxee floating bottle island

floating island joysxee cooker joysxee floating bottle island

Joysxee Island Solar joysxee floating bottle island

2. Sowa has made weight lifts out of water bottles & sources reveal that he likes to work out every day.

Joysxee Island joysxee floating bottle island

3. Sowa explaining the functioning of ‘self-composting’ toilet.

Plastic bottle island 3 Joyxee Island joysxee floating bottle island

4. Rooms on the artificial island has a fully functional faucet, and guess what?

Plastic bottle island 4 Joyxee Island joysxee floating bottle island

5. Yeah! A shower too. Though Sowa is conscious of being eco-friendly he has shown that you can be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Plastic bottle island 5 Joyxee Island joysxee floating bottle island

6. A ride for visitors in his eco-friendly boat.

water bottle island  boat joysxee floating bottle island

7. Some music too!

plastic bottle island joysxee joysxee floating bottle island

8. Framework explained- floating bottles secured together with mangroves roots.

Joysxee Island Framework joysxee floating bottle island

how water bottle island are made? joysxee floating bottle island

9. For others, these are a waste, but Sowa built an eco-paradise out of 150,000 bottles

water bottle Joysxee island joysxee floating bottle island

Rating & Reviews on TripAdvisor 

Joysxee Island rating

Bottle island reviews joysxee floating bottle island

Let’s take a visual tour of the island

If you had a close encounter with this guy or take a look at the multiple videos of him on YouTube, you’d think him to be cuckoo. Which reminds us, “… the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Sources & Image credits: WikipediaTripAdvisor, JoysxeeFlickr, YouTube, Inhabitat

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