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How To Become A Popular Construction Brand That Stands Out Of The Crowd?

“Standing Out Of The Crowd” – this is a position that embarks success of any business brand, product or service. Well achieving this position isn’t easy and demands quite a bit of ingenuity on the part of the marketing/sales team to come up with a solid marketing strategy which includes attractive logo design, graphics, messages, and services. All these efforts together are the key to crack into the heart of your target market’s needs.

Well, Construction companies are no exception, as this industry is rapidly growing to make your construction business stand on a solid foothold, you need marketing a plan that is powerful and can mark your difference amid stagnation and growth. Follow this blueprint to become a popular construction brand.


Why Construction Businesses Need A Solid Marketing Plan?


Irrespective of the size, construction business, even on the smallest scale, encompasses a variety of intense jobs – this includes legal proceedings in bulk, a lot of paperwork’s, hiring and managing a huge workforce and also dealing with purchasing of high-end construction equipments and raw materials. Well, getting your projects set-up and running involves a lot of activities and actions.

Amid all this action, there is very little or shall we say no time for planning marketing strategies. However different in nature from most other businesses, construction businesses to need well-planned and executed marketing tactics to eventually make it a success.


Blueprint To Become A Popular Construction Brand


To become a construction brand, it’s vital that you win plenty of business. But how? Well, the key lies in proper branding. Do all it takes to distinguish yourself from your competition and gain a trusted and confident reputation. This reputation and trust will in-turn talk for your brand. Read on to find out the 5 key tips on building your own construction brand.


1. Understand Your Target Audience (TG)

The first and the foremost step in branding your business is getting clarity on your target market. It would begin by answering questions like:

  • What do they look for in a construction business?
  • What is their budget?
  • Their location and their scale of their project (homeowners or bigger companies with projects)

With the answers to these questions, one can easily create a consumer profile to totally determines their needs. Once there is enough clarity on your TG you can begin the process of brand building.


2. Decide A Budget

When deciding on the budget for branding, it is important to understand – You get what you ultimately pay for. According to professionals, every business should spend at least 1%-10% of your overall revenue on marketing—and branding is a part of that budget. Also, it doesn’t matter on how you arrive at your numbers in the budget, ultimately it is important to sneak into your company’s finances and determine what you can spend on to make your branding efforts work and more significantly successful.


3. Decide Your USP

Another important thing in Branding is to decide – What You Want To Be Known For. Decide whether you want to be known as a professional, trustworthy or reliable brand. Brainstorming could be a great idea, also refer to your customer personas to understand what they’re looking for and position in the same way. MarketingDonut says think of your brand as a person”, give this process a holistic view, don’t think you’re creating a brand which has no face, no personality, no character, try and humanize your brand and create a placeholder for your business as a whole.

In this process of forming the foundations of your brand, it is crucial to understand that you want to be known for being experienced and of high quality, and not necessarily “Low Cost / Cheap”. Such a USP could translate to low margins, and aggressively bargaining customers trying to knock your prices down further. Opting for “Quality” is a great idea, as you can convey to customers that they are getting a high-quality product which is great value for money.


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4. Reform Your Logo

Your LOGO is something that defines your brand and makes you instantly identifiable as an established brand. Hence creating an eye-catching logo that is professional and captures everything you want to say about your construction business company is crucial. Apart from new companies, it implies for those also who have already been in business for over a decade, it might be time for you to rethink your logo.

If your logo doesn’t demonstrate who you are or doesn’t work well across the marketing gamut, start from scratch. If your design skills aren’t that great use a trusted professional to design a new one.


5. Leverage The Social Media

Doubting the power of social media could land you in trouble. The more you leverage social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, the higher are the chances to connect with your customers – includes all past, present and future ones. Being active on social media is key to brand development and consistency.

Social media accounts are indispensable for modern-day branding success. Post regularly to make sure your followers keep coming back for more. Sometimes, post pictures of freshly completed projects, link to blog articles that details down your work and focus, and limelight on your hardest workers. Considering the fact that number of social media users worldwide is expected to reach some 3.02 billion by 2021, you have no excuse not to be on social media.


6. List Yourself In Online Directories

When a prospective buyer goes to the search engine to inquire about the best brands for any product/service, the search engine quickly pops up results with the names of directories rather than individual websites sites of the service provider. The reason for listing your business in online directories is quite simple and logical now, isn’t it?

When you start listing yourself in these directories, make sure you fill in all the details you’ve been asked and you can give. This helps your customers understand and know you better and also ranks you well on the directories. Keep a constant watch on the directories and make sure you promptly answer all the customer queries.


7. Contact Past Clients

93% of people’s purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews, says study. Owing to this fact, you need to not only make sure people are talking about your brand, but also ensure those talks have positive notions.

Once your deal with a customer is finished and your clients are happy – ask them to leave a review or feedback. Free approaches like Google and Facebook work quite well, however, there are many third-party platforms available that could make this job easy but at some extra cost. The idea about contacting past clients and having reviews from them is to collect proof that your customers are happy, this works wonders in establishing you as a trustworthy construction brand.

Don’t forget that building a popular construction brand isn’t something that can be done immediately: it takes time. But, by following the above tips, you can start to build one.


Extend and Evolve Your Brand as You Grow


Building a brand doesn’t end with creating a logo, getting on the social media or collecting feedback. Your brand needs to exist and remain consistent at all the points where your customers interact with you.

Also, you would continue to evolve and shape your brand as you expose more customers to it and learn about them. Always appreciate that having 100% control over people and how they perceive your brand isn’t possible. Instead aim to tug customers in the right direction, by making an awesome first expression and always manage that reputation.


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