How Pokemon Go Can Help Architects, Realtors, and Urban planners in India

The Real Estate industry is reputed for being extremely slow to embrace new technology.Not though the trend seems to be changing but it is slowly happening.Technology’s ability of information overflow  has made all aspects of real estate open to the public. Nowadays, everyone be it, buyers, sellers and brokers can easily obtain information which was almost a dream a few decades ago.

A lot has changed during these years, the real estate business has become extremely competitive like never before. Usage of latest technologies is directly related to its success. According to IDC Energy Insights, companies worldwide have spent $5.5 billion on intelligent buildings in 2012 and it is expected to increase to $18.1 billion by 2017, which is 27.1% annual rate growth []. So, the power of technology can no longer be ignored.

Here and there come some great examples of innovations that make us rethink our strategies.The latest addition to this innovation is Pokemon go. Surprised! Well, There is more than what meets the eye.

What’s the fuss!

Pokémon GO was launched last week around the world. This magnanimous launch witnessed   teens and even middle-aged guys wandering and loitering  the streets,with their firm eyes attached to their phones and capturing virtual creatures through an app. Reportedly the app has received more than 15 million downloads at the time of publishing.

The creators of this app have reportedly designated physical landmarks across the world as key points throughout the game known as  PokéStops where users need to stop to refill supplies. At each stopping point, the app provides some interesting historical facts about the landmark. In order to find the location, the app provides photo clues that require the app user  to look up and around and match the picture to buildings and monuments. According to the support website for Pokémon GO, PokéStops have been placed strategically near places  such as public art, distinctive architecture or  gathering places.

What’s in store for realtors?

According to, Urbanization in India is poised for a quantum leap from 30 plus percent to 60-65 per cent in another decade. Metros, tier 2 and tier 3 cities have been witnessing an unprecedented growth of  innovative designs that are being capitalized on their technological content, making the business and the living spaces safer and flawless. People are getting  plentiful of options daily. In this regard, the strategy used for the promotion of Pokemongo could serve as a lesson for key realty players as well as the government for drafting awareness programs of heritage sites.

As players will continue to capture more Pokémon creatures, they intentionally as well as unintentionally are almost  forced to learn their  history, landmarks and local retailers, PokéStop by PokéStop. And it’s done using the simple trick- ‘by making it fun’.

Local retailers have already started getting tractions by being a part of Pokemongo. Retailers are trying to increase foot traffic to their locations by purchasing PokéLures. PokeLures typically attract Pokémon and, in turn, fervid Pokémon seekers. The effect has already started. Reportedly, Long Island City, N.Y., has already increased sales by 75 percent over the last week by using PokéLures to attract a better foot traffic from hungry players that are consumers.

So, it’s all about a strategy and this  could be a  lesson for realtors and other business professionals to learn from.

The amalgamation of Gamification for urban exploration?

Gamification is defined as the utilization of typical elements of game playing to other areas of activity. Through gamification techniques, children are now learning new lessons in various new ways. From sports to history lessons everything is gamified nowadays.  So why not use Gamification to build a better sense of awareness of the built environment around us? Why not make our children more aware?

We agree perhaps Pokemon might not be a traditional approach but it’s better than having nothing, at least city heritages are being explored which otherwise might not have been.

Let’s give a try!

Check out the craze of Pokemon Go:

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