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Guide To Pick The Right Wall Paint Colors !

Whether you are planning to paint your walls with “Green Paints” or “Green” paint, practically everyone needs some help and suggestions for picking the right wall paint colors, isn’t? Here we bring one full-proof guide to ease the process to pick the right wall paint colors for your home, but before that let’s understand:


Why Picking The Right Wall Paint Colors Are Important?



Well, let’s face it, choosing the right wall paint colors is extremely important. And, there is no denying the fact that the shades of our walls play a fundamental role in the overall interior design of a home. In addition to that this one element also plays a huge role in the choices, we make for the rest of the beautification of the home. Furthermore, the colour of your interiors plays a huge role in creating the right ambience and mood which can have a huge impact on your mental and social well-being.


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Tips To Pick The Right Wall Paint Colors


Now that you understand why choosing the right wall paint colors is important, let’s move forward to understand how to choose one. But that said, selecting the perfect shade is far from easy. There are endless options available and surprisingly each one is just a little different from the last one you saw. And before you can make the choice there are so many questions to answer – Which paint should I choose? Which sheen should I select? And which color will impart what look?

Well, don’t get baffled if you find it impossible to figure out where to start. We are here to put this age-old problem to rest. Here we’ve compiled a list few of the best tips to pick the perfect wall paint colors for your interiors.


1. Begin With An Inspiration

Before taking any decision, we do a lot of self-research these days, don’t we? Well, Google again is a great place to begin, more precisely ‘Pinterest’. But, why is this important? Well to get some inspiration indeed! Make a board for every room, pin pictures that catch your eyes. Once you have around 10 beautiful pictures in front of you, things start getting drawn well.


2. Pick Colors Based On The Desired Mood Of A Room

Colors can go a long way in tuning your mood, hence it is extremely important to consider the ambience of the room before selecting the final color. Whether it’s a lively dining area, or a luxurious bedroom or a peaceful study, picking the right tones are the key to bring that to life. Warm tones like red, yellow and orange to cool tones like indigo and blue, always remember colors invoke your psychological senses.


3. Use Neutral Colors

No, I am not asking you to avoid colors, but understand neutral colors blend with many shades. But before that, decide where you want the attention in a room to go, if it’s the walls – Go Bold!! But, when you go bold on the walls everything else in the room needs to be neutral. Crisp and elegant neutral colours open up spaces and provides a clean, well-designed look and foes with almost any other shade, hence let the bold colors be for the bathroom’s only.


4.Factor In Lighting

Like it or not, lighting can have a huge impact on how the room looks. Light can pull out a colour undertone, making the rooms look vastly different at night and during the day. Basically, colours on the wall at home look different at different times of day with different level of light. It is important to test it under different lighting conditions to see how the paint will truly appear.


5. Pay Attention To The Details

Flooring, mouldings, architectural trim, and columns are permanent features in a home, these also impact how your walls paint colors would appear and blend with the rest of the room. Hence paying attention to detail means taking all these minute details into consideration.


6. Don’t Miss Out The Finish

Many people tend to oversee the fact that wall paint colors are much more than just the shade, its finishing is another component that can alter how the final product looks. Always make sure to consider the final finish before making your decision. There are several options to choose from:

  • Flat Finish
  • Egg Shell Finish
  • Satin Finish
  • Semi-Gloss Finish
  • High-Gloss Finish


7. Test Your Colors

These days almost all brands have testers available at reasonable prices and its worth spending on them to test in your space before purchasing gallons of the color. Use testers to paint a large enough area on a few different walls to see how the light hits it at different times of the day and how well it blends to the other permanent features of your home.


Use these tips and tricks to decide the right wall paint colors for your home, we guarantee selecting the shade will be a quick and painless process.


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