Project wise Break Down For Green Re modelling

In the previous article, we discussed the importance of a ‘green remodelling’. The article gave an insight into the value of a green environment for a house. It also discussed some measures and tips that could be taken while preparing for it. Given below is a mind map, that gives further light based upon individual project breakdown for a house.

Individual needs have individual demand. The need of remodelling too has been  divided among sections, namely, kitchen, bathroom, roof and floor. Different circumstance leads need of remodelling. Some common reasons are analysed below:

  1. Kitchen Remodelling: The most common reason for the kitchen remodelling is the lack of energy effective utensils. When a lot of energy is consumed, it is a sign that its time for remodelling.
  2. Bathroom Remodelling: an Improper flow of water, damp along the tiles, too much energy consumption, these three are the most common  sign for the need of bathroom remodelling.
  3. Floor Remodelling: Less resilience and partial crack are two of the most evident sign that your floor needs remodelling.
  4. Roof Remodelling: Damp, water leakage and improper blockage of downspouts, these 3 are the clear signs that it is time for roof remodelling.

Given below is a mind map that highlights upon some sustainable tips and remodelling ideas, starting from roof to kitchen. The mind map highlights on points such as an installation of new dishwater to reimbursing full house interior.

Take a quick look of this MindMap while considering remodel your house:


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