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Green Hotel, Here Are The Top 10 Eco Hotels In India

While browsing through the list of types of hotels in India, I came across a unique category named “Eco Hotel” also called the “Green Hotel”. So, what makes this category of hotels special? Well, these hotels offer innovative retreats which are committed to our environment, conservation, cultural sensitivity, isolation, and all this comes in style.

Hotels offer luxury and comfort when on travel, isn’t it? But when the same luxury gets backed up by an earth-friendly mission statement, the entire experience becomes even better. Luckily, our country is a forerunner when it comes to green hospitality, and for on the go environmentalists, there’s no shortage of green hotels in India which combine high-end amenities with minimal carbon footprints.

Here we bring for you a quick run-down of the top 10 eco hotels across India. From LEED-certified magnificent eco hotel to tented camps amidst nature, these eco hotels in India are perfect to take some inspiration from.


Eco Hotel, Check Out The Top 10


1. The Raintree, Anna Salai – Chennai



A luxury business hotel located in the hub of corporate activity in Chennai. This hotel group is 100 percent energy self-sufficient. They produce energy through its own windmills, which generates exactly as much as they need. Their rooms and suites are beautifully designed and are equipped with eco-friendly bath products which reduce the overall flow rate of the bathroom washbasins and showerheads. The hotel has been able to cut down their water consumption in their bathroom by nearly half, from 12-15 litre per minute to 8-9 litre per minute – awesome isn’t it


2. ITC Grand Chola – Chennai



ITC group is quite renowned for its eco hotels in India, but Grand Chola in Chennai is the greenest of all. This awesome structure is the largest hotel in the world to bear the LEED Platinum distinction accolade. What makes them a true winner? They have wind farms which deliver all the hotel’s electricity, the building property is host to local, flexible plant species, most of its hot water demands is fulfilled by solar energy, and of course sustainable materials were used in its construction.


3. Alila Diwa – Goa



Well, luxury and extraordinary service are the two primary elements of this resort that is located near Gonsua beach in Goa. Built with eco-friendly building materials, this resort architecture is very traditional and depicts the typical Goan style, but again its design is quite contemporary. The resort is surrounded by acres of green paddy field, we can say it’s amid the abundance of nature and truly a paradise for the bird watchers. Support to the local community and their gift-to-share program add up to their eco hotel features.


4. Floatel – Kolkata



By far, floatel is the cheapest 4-star property in Kolkata. Located just minutes from the ever-sparkling Park Street, Floatel is one unique hotel floating out proudly even today. Now, what makes Floatel green? Their 3-R motto – Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle. Their waste management program follows this motto strictly and by that, they efficiently recycle around 15 kilos of solid waste daily.


5. CGH Earth



17 venues all clustered in South India, CGH Earth maintains an eco-focus across most of its properties. In building their properties, the group intentions are always focused on preserving the local biodiversity and work in concurrence with the local tribes, this has resulted to many new organic farms, plantation of many trees and reduction of poaching and logging. The group also strives to harvest rainwater in areas where freshwater availability is rare, convert cooking gas and compost into organic fertilizer, and encourages and educates its visitors on earth-friendly practices.


6. Taj Safaris



Across 4 stunning fabulous lodges in Madhya Pradesh, i.e. Banjaar Tola, Baghvan, Mahua Kothi, and Pashan Garh – This group has gained a lot of popularity as India’s leading luxury wildlife circuit. All the 4 venues provide the guest with trips into national parks, amid all that they also work hard to give back. The credit goes to their partnership with &Beyond, the hotel venues offer conservation classes and support for local communities and school children, they also help by supplying essential materials to the nearby area’s schools.


7. Orange County – Kabini



Boat rides, safari, private pool, nature walk, spa, night trails and things alike are just a few of the amenities of this beautiful resort is located near the Nagarhole National park. One of the most interesting facts about Orange Country is that it has been recognized as one of the top 25 best eco-lodges across the globe. The top eco features that make this resort truly green are, windmill electricity, eco sewage treatment and being a plastic-free zone.


8. The Orchid – Mumbai



Accorded Asia’s first certified eco-friendly 5-star hotel, this hotel is located in heart of Mumbai. They adopt a solid waste management method and a sewage treatment plan which treat wastewater and utilizes the same for gardening and air conditioning. In addition to that, the toiletries in all the guest’s room are herbal, and all paper provided contain a minimum of 25% recyclable content. Another interesting thing is their band called “Green Team”, this team organizes plantation drives and rallies associated with energy efficiency, waste management, and water conservation and preservation.


9. The Dune – Puducherry



The Dune Eco-village and Spa in Puducherry is spread across 35-acres of land, it has 55 uniquely designed bungalows crafted by the architects, designers, and artists, from all around the world. Every room is nicely ventilated and well-equipped with low consumption lighting, solar water system, and organic linen. Another interesting thing to add is their meals, yes, all the meals are made of organic vegetables which are grown in the 500 acres land benefiting more than 4000 farmers. Amazing isn’t it?


10. Kanha Earth Lodge



Located amidst mahua tree that merges into a lush green forest, Kanha Earth Lodge is one ideal place for nature lovers. Organic vegetables and fruits, solar lights, energy saving lights, green fuel, rainwater harvesting, are few of the eco features of this lodge. In addition to that, it is also a plastic-free zone.


Final Thoughts


Taking the eco-friendly route goes long way in improving a hotel’s bottom line, isn’t it? For smart operators, this refreshing concept is a great way of being committed to their responsibility towards nature and also passing on the benefits to their guests by way of lowering the room rates.


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