Green Building Trends To Watch Out This Year

As the population and pollution are constantly  rising, the concepts of  sustainability and energy efficiency inventiveness have taken a hold around the globe. The realtors and architects are now  finding business value and opportunities from green building. A new study by Dodge Data and Analytics, published this February in the “World Green Building Trends 2016 SmartMarket Report,” confirms that green design and construction is accelerating as an important global trend.

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Discussed below are some of the most sought after green building trends to watch out this year:

#1 Usage of Eco-friendly construction materials:

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Off late, but people have finally realised that any kind of expenditure on the biodegradable material is a long-term investment of their life. The soothing condition of a green building creates a healthy environment for the occupants in the long-run. For instance, let us take the example of natural paints. When you use natural paints you get a leading number of advantages such as  Low VOC Content, Cost Efficiency to name a few. Biodegradable materials have the ability of natural decomposition without causing pollution. Natural clay materials such as bricks and facades are some the most definitive solutions in this regard.The demand for natural building materials is here to stay.  

Apart from these materials one very significant trend this year is the use of bamboo. The eminent quality of wood makes it a worthwhile for the construction industry. It can be used for flooring and roofing solutions swiftly due to its tensile nature.Clay Roof Tiles (1)

#2 The need for the Smart window solutions:


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Smart home technology has made our houses more comfortable, convenient, and safe. Like any other sphere, the brightest smart home technology has garnered rewards throughout the whole home solution and windows too are no exception. Low emittance windows are here to stay. For instance ‘green windows’. These windows are made of  the metallic oxide which acts as a thermal insulator. These windows bring down HVAC costs immensely. Not only Green Windows, Smart glasses known as the electrochromic glass is now being developed globally which will be soon available worldwide.

#3 The growing demand  for energy net-zero buildings:

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Zero net energy (ZNE) buildings are crafted to make use of the  renewable sources of energy to address their power requirements with elements such as solar panels, biofuel systems, wind mills etc. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Research Support Facility in Golden CO, The Phipps Center for Sustainable Landscapes in Pittsburgh are some of the exemplary buildings of the world that follow the same principle of energy efficiency. In India Griha and LEED are constantly working on drafting a centralised process for getting the certification of a Net-Zero Building.

#4 A Sustainable Roofing solution is what they want:

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‘Sustainable roof is the need of the hour. These roofs are being created by materials such as koramic, foam, rubber, special tiles to list a few. Roofing solution made of green materials results in a major energy saving. In addition to all of the environmental reasons, they are outstanding for occupants indoor health. Its advantages such as the reduction of stormwater runoff, urban heat-island effect, improvement of air quality, a decrease in noise pollution etc. have brought upon a new flair in the choice of homemakers. The different forms of sustainable roofs available  are; Green roof, Metal Roof, Cool roof and Solar Roof.

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#5 The growth of Smart lighting system:

According to market research firm Frost and Sullivan, the Home Automation market in Singapore is set to grow to US$361.1 million by 2018. With the proliferation and usage of smartphones and tablets in Asia Pacific, products such as smart lighting and motorised shades that can provide customised lighting by sensing movement will soon become more affordable to average consumers. [] Smart lighting solution such as LED lighting is in constant demand. With functions such as the  reduced maintenance, longer life and substantial energy savings, it has become the preferred option for occupants. An occupant can save up to around 50% energy via smart lighting system.

#6 Development of Building construction technologies:

The strong tech innovations and apps are getting streamlined in the construction process and this year we can expect one step further. Several models are getting developed for the complete to ease down the total flow of the construction process. For instance,  Building Information Modeling. It is the use of digital models in construction.This software is constantly evolving and is now seeing a convergence of the gaming tech as well. This system aids building design at every stage of construction. With this 3D modeling tool, you can compare the current 3D building status resulting in a quality control process which further  eliminates expensive and time-consuming emend. We can surely expect further technological innovation like this  in 2016 for sure.

#7 More stress on Green architectural design:

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The green architecture design consists of the planning of the several energy saving  features such as ventilation systems, water-saving fixtures, energy-efficient light system, with alternate power sources such as the wind and the solar power as well as non-synthetic and non-toxic construction materials. These type of designs will be among the top trends. Solar Air Conditioning- Turbo Energy Limited, Chennai, District Cooling System – RMZ Ecospace, Kolkata, Hybrid- HVAC system: Olympia Tech Park, Chennai are some of the examples of a green architectural design.

#8 A move towards Eco-districts:

Eco-villages and eco-districts are greener communities where people resides within walking or biking distance of most services and supplies like a suburban setting. This concept is surely here to stay.

BedZed in Great Britain launched in 2002 was the first residential block to have developed the principle of a carbon neutral footprint at a large scale. Spread over 6 hectares, with 85 units, 2,500 m2 worth of offices and a nursery, the place tries to combine ecological architecture, soft transport and local economic development. Large window openings provide natural light, thermal solar panels heat living areas, rainwater is collected, counters are equipped with flashing lights to indicate users how much energy is being consumed, and gardens sprout on rooftops. [] Since then the concept has gained huge demand.

Green building in India is experiencing major growth. According to the World Green Building Trends 2016 SmartMarket Report, green construction in the country accounts for 37 percent of respondents’ total work. What’s more, those surveyed estimated that by 2018, it will be 57 percent, the second highest among all countries taking part in the survey.

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The future of green building is exciting and bright. To Be fair it is almost a necessity. Mother Nature have been exploited enough it’s time we conserve her. So watch out for these green building trends for 2016. They are here to stay.

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