7 Most Renowned Green and Sustainable Buildings In India

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With civilization advancing at an unprecedented rate there is immense infrastructural development going on all over the world. This rapid rate of construction, from the past couple of centuries, using modern construction materials has also started to have an impact on our environment.   Environmental Impact of Conventional Building Materials     Today’s construction materials […]

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Behold ‘Navanu’, The Most Self-Sustaining And Energy Efficient House In Kerala

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Pollution nearing danger levels in the cities, more than the required usage of electricity and exhaustion of natural resources are directly indicating towards the increasing global warming, these situations are a direct battle with Mother Nature. But, Hari and Asha a couple from God’s own country “Kerala” bring in a ray of hope. The main […]

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Construction Site Safety – 7 Tips To Ensure Your Workers Are Safe

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Injuries and illnesses in construction sites aren’t uncommon. The threat to the life and health of workers comes from several sources – working at a height, electrocution, machinery failure, contact with hazardous and toxic materials and accidents. According to an NDTV report, more than 77 deaths had occurred between 2012 and 2015. This, however, is […]

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Green architects – their importance and benefits

Today, architecture finds itself at a crossroad. Building materials and new construction, along with the operation and maintenance of buildings, account for a considerable sum of the total greenhouse gas emissions. Knowing this reality, architects are supposed to carry the responsibility of building properties without deteriorating the planet’s environmental structure or depleting its resources any […]

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[Gallery] Beautiful Gothic Architecture Styled Churches in India

Gothic architecture flourished in Europe during the medieval period. Abbot Suger (about 1081–1151) is often credited with inventing Gothic architecture, who felt that art was central to religious experience. The characteristics of Gothic architecture are pointed arch, stone structures, clustered columns, intricate sculptures, ribbed vaults, and flying buttresses. Many of the great cathedrals and churches have expressed gothic […]

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European Architecture: How Can We Incorporate Some Of That Charm Into Our Landscape?

With its century-old buildings, Gothic designs, Renaissance elements and neo-classical appeal, European architecture offers a feast to the eyes. Anasua Mitra looks at how we can incorporate some of that charm into our landscape When you think of architecture and Europe, the buildings you normally tend to visualise would be the Eiffel Tower in Paris, […]

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Sustainable Construction: When Clay Is At Work

“Modern machinery, quest for sustainable construction and abundance in availability has made clay an architect-friendly material” Ever since humans evolved from nomads to settlers, clay has played an important role in almost every aspect of early livelihoods. Its unique chemistry allows clay to be tremendously flexible in terms of size and shape. As a result, […]

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