Why clay roof tiles last long and are ideal for home construction in India


Clay roofs in India India has a rich history of building beautiful structures across the country. Ancient India was the gateway for traders of spices and textiles between the west and the east. Hence, the country has always welcomed travelers, tradesmen, craftsmen from all over the world. India has accepted and is influenced by many […]

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Can sustainable building materials reduce dependence on energy to run your home

Can sustainable building materials reduce dependence on energy to run your home wienerberger.in

Building a new home, or renovating your old one? Here’s your chance to implement eco-friendly designs and materials that reduce energy consumption and greenhouse emissions. Sustainable homes are not only great for the environment, but for your pocket as well in the long run. An efficient sustainable home is one that uses minimal energy to […]

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[SLIDES] Top 5 Innovative Building Materials

Here are the top five innovative building materials from around the world. These prodcuts or techniques champion sustainable living. With the amount of resources dedicated to R&D in construction around the world, we need not wait for decades to see these products or construction strategies to come to our towns and cities in India. This […]

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Green Building Trends To Watch Out This Year

As the population and pollution are constantly  rising, the concepts of  sustainability and energy efficiency inventiveness have taken a hold around the globe. The realtors and architects are now  finding business value and opportunities from green building. A new study by Dodge Data and Analytics, published this February in the “World Green Building Trends 2016 […]

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Sustainable Building: Not Just Green But Imparting Better Living For All

‘Green Building’ concept was started with the sole aim of attaining sustainability. But green buildings are no longer limited to the shackles of its contribution to the environment. Green buildings directly contribute to the health and well-being of the people and society as a whole. Owing to its impactful long run attributes it has grabbed […]

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Tips On ‘Green Remodel’ Of Your Home That Will Serve Throughout Your Life

Nothing can bring a real sense of security like a home. Therefore, it is very important to spend time on the constituents that are used in creating and constructing a home. Slightest of negligence can hamper the overall structure of your home. If you already have a home and thinking of remodeling it, pick ‘the […]

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