7 Effective Ways To Conserve Water On Construction Sites

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Fresh water resources across the world are coming under growing pressure from population growth, urbanisation, rising per capita water use, and increased industrial activity. The pressures, and the dangers the lack of adequate water poses for people, industry, and ecosystems, are frightening and have already been highlighted in many different studies and reports. Coming to […]

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Using River Sand For Construction? Here Is A Wake-Up Call

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River Sand or Bajri, refers to the loose, fragmented, and naturally-occurring material consisting of very tiny particles of decomposed shells, corals, or rocks. Apart from being an important part of the river, sand plays a crucial role in the construction industry. Currently, it is one of the most required material for the construction process and […]

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Planted Buildings – The Right Solution To Green And Sustainable Lifestyle

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The drift for “green” and eco-friendly building structures is sweeping over. Now builders, planners, and designers are making all efforts to integrate gardens, terraces and all genera of vertical planting in their design concepts for apartment buildings, office blocks and even skyscrapers. As environmental concerns are growing, architects are pushing planted buildings as a way […]

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