How Can Architects & Designers Address Indoor Air Pollution Issues?

indoor air pollution

One cannot build or design a great building without understanding its relationship with the natural systems and the surrounding environment, isn’t it? Did you know 1.2 million deaths every year in India are due to indoor air pollution and indoor pollution in India contributes up to 52 percent air pollution? Yes, Indoor air pollution is […]

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Top 10 Types Of Environmental Pollution And Its Causes

Wikipedia describes “Pollution” as, “The Introduction Of Contaminants Into The Natural Environment That Cause Adverse Change”. Today, environmental pollution is one of the top and the gravest challenge facing humanity and other life forms on our planet. Environmental pollution in simple terms can be defined as “the contamination of the physical and biological components of […]

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How And Why Should You Incorporate Natural Light In Architecture

Most people spend 85%of their time indoors — inside homes, offices, schools, colleges, commercial or industrial buildings. And another average time of 6 percent is spent inside an enclosed vehicle. But what is this doing to the health of the inhabitants? An increasing number of sick people with deadly diseases like cancers, heart diseases, diabetes, […]

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