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Buying Your First Home In A Green Project? Look For These 7 Top Features

There’s been an incredible growth and progression in the Indian marketplace over the past decade in terms of going eco-friendly with goods and services, isn’t it? And presently, one of the biggest trends that’s waving high is “Green Homes”. From millennials to seniors, when it comes to buying a home, an increasing number of buyers are considering environment-friendly features. That’s not all, home buyers are now considering a home’s environmental impact in the process of their decision making.

So, before buying your first home in a green project there are few important things you need to know, let us throw light on that.


Be Ready To Spend A Bit More



The first and the most important thing that you consider when buying your first home is the total cost. Well, when it comes to purchasing a home in a green project one thing you need to note – You’re going to spend some decent money here.

Yes, Green homes do cost more than the standard homes. But, here it’s not going to be about pinching pennies as ultimately, in the long run, you are going to save a lot of money. The 20 or 30 percent premium you pay today is a very real cost that pays back later.


7 Top Features When Buying Your First Home In A Green Project


So, now you have your budget and finances in place and you are heading towards to buying your first home which indeed is Green. Well, when it comes to green homes, there are small elements which make a green home and of course, there is the big picture element too. Here are the top 7 features which say – Your Dream Home Is A Green Home:


1. Sustainable Building Materials

Sustainability is meant to make something last and the main idea behind using sustainable building materials to ensure that home is going to last a lifetime. Well, most of us ignore the building materials used in a structure, but these are the most vital ones. With sustainability we mean those materials can be recycled, reclaimed and/or re-purposed like wood, aluminium, stone, glass, and bricks. Few of the most common green products used for sustainable homes are:

  • Eco-Friendly Walls – these are becoming increasingly popular, it includes clay brick or composites made from stone, lime, sand, and cement. These materials are extremely good for the exterior walls as they offer huge savings on energy bills.

Although cement and concrete are the norms today, now many expert green builders are choosing clay bricks from Wienerberger’s Wall Solutions as the building material, these are Natural, Green & Efficient perfect material for your green home.

  • Green Flooring – they are trending these days and commonly linked with cork, bamboo, and recycled wood. Well, the conventional stone and tile floorings are also great options as they do not demand frequent renovation.

Sustainable building materials ensure your homes are not only great for the environment but are also easy on your pockets in the long run.


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2. Adequate Provision For Natural Lighting & Ventilation

Every home should be designed and constructed in such a way that it allows natural lighting in, this ensures that the health of the residents is not threatened. It is important to look for adequate purpose-builts that drive outdoor air in through natural forces. Purpose-built openings include a combination of windows, doors, solar chimneys, skylights, trickle ventilators and wind towers.


3. Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Water plays a significant role in our lives and it’s a very precious natural resource. Hence when buying your first home, look for builders and architects who design homes or building with features like rainwater harvesting systems. These systems play a vital role in reducing reliability of natural resources like water and in the long run, will help in energy savings, water savings, and resource savings.


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4. Low Energy And Eco-Friendly Lighting Systems

Lighting makes a huge difference for the atmosphere as well as the mood of your home. Eco-friendly and low energy lighting is energy efficient, tend to last much longer, and consumes much less energy than the conventional lighting systems, later, you get to save money on energy bills.

A Green Home offers a wide range of solar options, lamps and lighting which helps in creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home and outdoor space, hence ensure this feature is clicked positive in your home-hunting checklist.


5. Energy-Efficient Windows & Doors

No, you cannot compromise with under-performing windows and doors, this is because in the long run, they reduce the overall energy efficiency in your home, which in turn leads to huge loss of money. Just like home insulation and HVAC systems, windows and doors play a very important role in the homes energy performance. Also, windows and doors are a very important element of your home’s security, energy efficiency, and appeal. Hence, energy efficient windows and doors are an important consideration when buying your first home.


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6. Water Efficient Toilets

We all understand the importance of water. However, it is a scarce resource that many people around the world tend to take for granted. Water saving toilets installed at homes, will not only save the increasingly more important resource of water but also helps in reducing costs and with less water use.


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7. Green Certifications

Green certifications serve as a proof that a home meets certain standards and requirements. There are a number of certification programs in India under which a home is certified to be considered “green”, GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment), BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency), IGBC (Indian Green Building Council), and Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, or LEED India are the major green building certifying agencies in India. Home buyers should check for green certification of projects, to ascertain its ‘green’ credentials.


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Final Thoughts


Once you know which home features to look for, it becomes much easier to ascertain if your investments are going in the right green project. Well, again even if it might seem like a larger investment in the start, your green home will surely reward you with noteworthy savings in the years to come. So, if you are buying your first home, make sure you invest in Green.


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