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Bhumija- A Gorgeous Eco Home In HSR Layout, Bangalore

Rustic looking uncovered clay work, grey water recycling, solar panels, – today we are focusing on spotlighting this eco home called Bhumija which has practically left no stone unturned in building a green home that realistically breathes life.

The beautiful residence of Mahalakshmi Jayaram is located in one of the most happening areas in Bangalore, i.e. HSR layout, undoubtedly this house has been turning many heads and attention towards itself.


Bhumija – Stands On The Principles Of Sustainability


The first time anyone sees this eco home Bhumija, it looks like a big dream castle. The house is firmly rooted in principles of sustainability. Indigenous stonework, solar power, rainwater harvesting, greywater harvesting, large green spaces, and lastly an environmentally conscious and responsible lifestyle are few things that prove this eco home and its residents are living a totally pure and eco-friendly lifestyle. Here are a few interesting things to know about this eco home.

  • Natural & Rustic

The architect also the owner Mahalakshmi wanted to design her house in a way that she could conserve materials as much as she could. Well, the exposed stone surface is a result of that thought process only. The walls in the ground floor are made totally of unpolished stone, which gives their home a very natural and rustic look.  The floors are covered by sun-dried local tiles purchased from a small-scale industry in Chettinad. And yes, the use of cement and concrete is minimal.

The first floor of the house is constructed using normal bricks which again have been left un-plastered. This was an effort to evade the cost of plaster and paint. It also emphasizes the retro effect the house has on its visitors.

  • Sun Powered

Bhumija is completely powered by solar, yes it runs completely on the sun power! The house has 12 solar panels installed on the rooftop and also has a solar heater which eliminates the use of power consuming geysers. All devices run completely on solar energy, except the bore-well pumping and the use of the microwave.

  • Naturally Lighted And Cool

The house design allows ample of natural light all day long. In addition to lighting, the house remains naturally cooler, the credit goes to the material used in building it. Flooring with Aathangudi files from Chettinad, local Hoordi tiles and stone work from Narsipura, all help in keeping the home naturally cool.

  • Reflects The “Local Context”

The home’s stonework is local to Karnataka and Bangalore, an aesthetic the owners wanted to be totally reflected in their house.

  • Construction & Costs

It took 17 months to complete the construction of the entire house. The construction ensured very little construction debris and waste. Considering green construction costs, it tends to be few bucks extra, but the family prioritised their investments well, they adjusted by cutting down on other less important things like luxurious wall finishes, flooring and furniture.

  • 1000 Sq. Ft Garden

Mahalakshmi wanted a garden right from the beginning, hence she ensured nature merge seamlessly with the house – result is their 1000 sq. ft beautiful garden.

  • Grey Water Recycling

The wish to have a big garden and the idea that the garden would consume a lot of water went hand in hand. Hence, the grey water recycling system was installed.

  • Rain Water Harvesting

The home also has a rainwater harvesting system. Whenever rainwater is available, it is stored and used before BWSSB supply is tapped.

  • Waste Management

All the waste generated by the house is segregated and organic matter is composted using a Daily Dump pot.

  • Sustainable Living

Sustainability is not just in their home features, it also found ways and means in the way the family lives and things they do every day. Shift to organic detergents and soaps is one example. In addition to that, the family prefers to buy less and tries managing with what they have long as it is in good working condition.

Green means control in a way, isn’t it? Simply put, don’t overuse the available resources, be it in your daily lives or in architecture. Yes, when building use the material that is required, because, in an attempt to make your home look luxurious and flashy you might be hurting the environment.


Going Green Is Not About Compromising


Choosing the green way is not about living a life full of compromises, but living a life that is pure. This eco home has stirred and awed a countless number of visitors and passers-by with its unique design. More people should come forward to create simple and eco-friendly homes. All that is needed is the change of mind, it’s about deciding adamantly and saying – ‘I Want To Do It’ and then simply – Go for it.


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