Top 5 Privately Managed Green Airport In India

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Sustainability has been a hot topic for several decades now, and the importance of being environmentally responsible is broadening every single minute. One major cause for concern is Global Climate Change.  Well, “The effects of climate change are already stirring on all continents and across the oceans” says the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change […]

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Aging And Leaking Window Are A Nuisance To Any Homeowner

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It’s quite inevitable that homeowners would have to eventually bear minor repairing costs on their home especially for the areas that are more exposed to the weather, like our Windows. Recurrent exposure to the extreme temperature changes, humidity, and moisture result in an aging and leaking window which can actively and negatively affect things inside […]

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6 Products That Will Help You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint And Live A Healthy Life

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, carbon footprint, what is carbon footprint, reduce carbon footprint

It’s this global world, today many of us are aware of the critical problem of climate change and its severe consequences. What does it mean for the citizens? Making sustainable choices that ultimately help in conserving the environment. Hence, it’s no surprise, eco-living is the new trend and it’s gaining a lot of attention in […]

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“Project Solarise” A Bold And Innovative Step Towards Sustainable Housing Development

Project Solarise, Sustainable Housing Development, Solar Energy, Energy-Efficiency, Team Shunya, IIT-B

“Fully Solar Powered and Zero Electricity” – This well describes the idea of the students of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, (IIT-B). Yes, “Project Solarise” is a home that runs 100% on solar power, this housing project is truly one bold and innovative step towards sustainable housing development. The net-positive energy house was inaugurated by […]

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