All You Need To Know About Partial Occupancy

With many new buildings and upcoming builder apartments in societies, many people are purchasing houses for staying. Some people are also buying houses for investment purpose. Whatsoever be the reason, when you are planning to spend a large sum of money into buying a home, there are certain things that you need to know, of which partial occupancy is one of the things. This is one important aspect of the property you are purchasing and needs thorough clearance.

Many people are aware of the term Occupancy Certificate, it is a certificate that is required so that the occupants living in an apartment get electricity and water connection after a society has been built. But what happens if only a few towers in the society are made and people start living there, then how will they get water and electricity. Here is where the partial occupancy certificate plays a role. The partial occupancy certificate is given only for the part of the project that is completed.

What is partial occupancy?

Herein the partial occupancy certificate means that the builder gets a partial occupancy certificate for all those towers or units which are completed in the apartment. Then after some time when more units or towers are completed, another partial occupancy certificate is given. After the complete society is ready, the partial occupancy certificate is taken back and occupancy certificate is given. However, it is important that you know the partial occupancy certificate is only valid till the project is not completed. Once it is complete, it is replaced by occupancy certificate.

What is the procedure to obtain partial occupancy?

When talking about partial occupancy, there is a criterion to obtain the certificate. First of all, the most important thing to know is that partial occupancy certificate has to be applied 30 days after the completion of the towers or unit for which the builder wishes to acquire the partial occupancy.  Other than this there are few simple steps that one must follow. They are analyzed below:

  • One has to obtain a UCC application.
  • The applicant has to tick against ‘partial occupancy’ after that, the entire form has to be filled.
  • Payment for the same has to be done in the full amount.
  • There is a requirement of two copies of the layout that shows the space which has been occupied and the space that will be developed.
  • Make sure you fill the form in complete and then submit it. Once the applications are approved, then the inspection is done which has to be in compliance with the UCC requirements.

Partial- occupancy

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What are the requirements for obtaining the partial occupancy certificate?

When you wish to apply for the partial occupancy certificate, there are a few requirements that have to be taken care of:

  • Rainwater harvesting facilities should be proper
  • Sewage treatment plant should be well-knitted
  • Electrical inspectorate certificate must be there
  • Obtaining clearance from the fire department
  • If the apartment is within the range of the airport, then clearance from the airport has to be obtained as well
  • Parking of vehicles can be done in the basement and ground floor only
  • Proper waste management areas as well as composting facilities

What are the pros and cons of partial occupancy?

Partial occupancy has many kinds of pros and cons for the builder as well as for the customers:

Pros: With the help of partial occupancy, the builder gets a chance to give possession to many customers. This will give an edge to the builder as they get more finances once the customer applies for possession since full payment has to be done before the possession.

This certificate also gives the builder the advantage to apply for electricity and water connections for the towers or units for which he has the certificate, making it possible for the people to come and stay.

Cons: A project in which only partial occupancy has been received makes it difficult for its customers to get the loan. This is because banks only approve of loans for the customers who have applied in projects that have occupancy certificate.

Validity of the partial occupancy project

The partial occupancy certificate is valid only till the project is completed. Once completed, the occupancy certificate is issued.

Who can use this certificate?

This certificate can be used by the builder who has built a part of the apartment.

Keep an eye on all these important points, so that your house remains secured forever.

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