Bangalore Introduced to Green Corporate Buildings

Eco-friendly buildings help in protecting the environment and human health. Buildings with good sustainable materials to be used while construction.  Branded corporate companies are taking a lot of interest in constructing such buildings which are energy and water efficient and use recyclable resources or usage of solar power for continuous power supply. Following are the corporate buildings certified by LEED, which are a good example to have more green and Eco-friendly buildings.

1. GE Technology

This building is spread over 3,85,000 sq ft. It is an energy saving building and almost 20 percent savings in consumption of water. The building is designed in such a way that there is natural lighting inside the office and the building has rooftop water harvesting and this same water is used to water the garden area.

Dr Mark Little, senior vice president, GE Global Research said, “GE greatly values the well-developed intellectual capital that India has to offer. The Odyssey building illustrates the increasing role our centre in Bangalore has in GE’s global innovation strategy and for local technology development here in India.” – Source 

Odyssey GEImage Source

Inside this huge campus, there vegetables and plants are grown and there is an organic composting plant. For water heating, they use solar energy. The ventilation and air conditioning are used by an installed system which optimizes energy. GE encourages carpooling and work from home options as in Bangalore city where traffic is a big issue the company encourages carpooling. The odyssey building has been rated as gold by LEED.

2. Bagmane TechPark

This tech park is spread across 52 acres in this big campus having an inbuilt lake at the entrance of the tech park.This tech park had 10 buildings inside it has many greener spaces, energy efficient, natural resources conservation and recycling of water by having rainwater harvesting which helps in watering the garden area. Its LEED certification is Gold. They have beautiful  clay-roof-tileswhich further adds strength to this building.


Image Source

3. Infosys Building

The infrastructure of the Infosys building saves energy and the electricity generated is from the renewable resources due to solar power roofs. There are the continuous power supply and the greener spaces help in making the environment fresh and clean. It’s a complete energy efficient and takes care of various factors like transport, water, waste. The building is designed in such a way that there is more use of natural light than artificial light. It is Gold rated by LEED certification.


Image Source


4. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is one of the top financial company certified by LEED. The company has made great efforts to have an eco-friendly campus. The construction of the building is very sustainable and green in approach. The campus takes care of the gas emissions, water, energy efficiency, solar power and plugins in the parking space for electric cars.

wells fargo bangalore office

Image Source

5. Cisco, Bangalore office

This office is spread in 2.18 million Square feet and has eight buildings which are digitally connected.There are around 8500 employees in this campus who have no specific assigned space to work.This building is LEED platinum certified and stands in the seventh position according to US green building council. There are solar panels on the terrace of this building which generates major power to the building. The whole building is connected with an integrated dashboard, making work life easier.

bagmaneImage Source

6.  Google Office

The infrastructure of this building is well crafted by the engineers and it is eco-friendly as well.With lots of green space around the campus and energy efficient building is an innovative way of creating awareness in the employees as well inside the company. The gardens are well maintained and the water used is recycled. There are solar panels to have the better power supply. This building is LEED silver certified.

6Image Source

According to various architects, there is an increase in demand for green buildings as these are efficient and helping in safeguarding our nature. Eco-friendly buildings are cost effective and strong. These can also be well styled and designed with state of the art infrastructure and also high in technology.

Authored by a Building Expert from Wienerberger India

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