5 Smart Products That Are Making Lives Even Smarter For Individual And The Nature

Smart living is trending. Everyone is curious about it and each day a new smart living technique is being explored. But what is it?

In brief, Smart Living includes the use of few intellective systems working in collective euphony to deliver a healthy, protective and suited life in smart environments. It inculcates the use of the sensors to collect the basic information and it acts on the basis of this collected information in order to crave the desired action. The definition itself gives out a clear idea that the smart living products are dependent on the evolution and deploying of applications. It represents an accumulation of sensors and Internet Of Things to provide and ambiguous health system and efficiency.

Here are few of the smart products that are making lives even smarter and sophisticated

The Nest Learning Thermostat:

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A good thermostat can save a lot of your money on power and keep your home comfortable. But nothing beats a Nest Learning Thermostat by Nest Labs. It is one of its kind high-tech, customised self-programmable thermostat that has shown the world news ways of innovation. It has the capability to assimilate individual’s habits and temperature preferences and even matriculate your presence at home and also the absence. Installation is also very easy. You can easily manage the Nest when you’re away or on the couch from the mobile app It also shows you energy savings and reports through the mobile app so that you can evaluate its economical advantage. COST: around $250.

Canary Home Security System:

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Home security is a serious issue and most commonly the user searches for smart devices that has the ability to scrutinise intruders has gone up. In this regard, Canary is the ideal product available. It is a machine that houses a high-quality video camera, microphone and a unique motion detector. Additionally, it contains humidity sensor into its sleek cylinder. If Canary detects  something unusual happening when you’re away from home, you immediately get an alert along with the video footage and choice for responding. Canary also has the ability to  automatically change its settings when you get home. COST: around $249.

Green Plug Smart Adapter:

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In its World Energy Outlook 2013, the International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasted that, taking the effects of current energy and climate-protection targets into account, global energy demand will increase by one-third between 2011 and 2035. But thanks to smart adapters such as Green Plug this is now controllable. A Green Plug offers competent solutions to give devices the exact amount of power they need. It acts as a controller in a power adapter, which transfigures the  alternating current from the grid to the direct current used by electronics. If a device needs a certain amount of power to operate, the supply automatically cuts off after it’s been met because of its compatible power supply system. Thereby saving a lot of energy which has a greater impact on the house bills as well. COST: around  $15.

TCP’s home lighting automation system:

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People around the globe are  installing hardware system that consociates to the lighting system which could be controlled through apps. In this aspect, TCP’s home lighting automation system is a good choice. The system offers a wireless CFL lighting kit which  includes a portal device that plugs into your home router, a wireless remote control, mobile app and two very efficient smart LED bulbs. The lighting system can give backup to 250 lamps and control them individually or as a group. The app lets you keep track of the lighting. Uniquely, TCP offers specialized one-touch pre-programmed settings by which lights can also be programmed to turn off and on. You can set the lighting levels adjusted at any specific times of the day according to your preference. COST: around $41.64.

SNUPI Technologies WallyHome water system:

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It’s the entire home’s water system which made 14 million homeowners in 2011 suffer from damage due to water, freezing and mold, resulting $11 billion in property loss claims. And it is a very serious issue. But there are technologies now that can prevent this by detection. SNUPI Technologies’ Wally is one such automated device. The system comes with strong sensors that you can place anywhere in your house to evaluate temperature, moisture and humidity. They can also determine any unusual changes in and around the house and sends you an alert so that you can fix the problem before it causes major damage. COST: around $299.

In this era of globalization, everything is gradually turning smart. The need of automation systems has reached an all time high. From Temperature Control to cooking, every section is getting its own share of smart devices. The next time when you are looking for smart products do not forget these five.

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